Every year many college students from around the world travel to foreign countries on working travel visas. The idea is to live in that foreign country while working (generally) part-time and in the spare time travelling from the residence to explore or indulging in other vacation type activities.

Working in a foreign country is a great experience for many college students. Often it is the first time they will have been abroad and sometimes the first time they will be living outside the family home. It allows them to experience the freedoms that come with independence. With no parents to set rules for them, college students on a working holiday will be allowed to experience the freedom of the real world. At the same time the real world will very quickly instill responsibility and maturity. They will realize that they have to look after themselves because no one else will do it. Monetarily, they will quickly realize how far money can take them, especially if they haven’t taken savings with them.

Working vacations are not all seriousness and responsibility though. If you go through a working holiday program such as IEP or Bunac, you will generally be going to somewhere that a lot of other working holiday participants will be going. Participants will be travelling with like minded people, generally also college students, so the atmosphere is fun, young, lively and adventurous. The destinations are thus populated and one can expect a lively after-work-hours environment with the many others who have the same goals of the trip. Furthermore from this group travelers will easily meet others with whom they can team up for forays from the area of residence, as hiring a car and hotel accommodation costs are cheap when sharing amongst two to four people.

Travelling is a great educational experience that is hugely beneficial to young college students. Meeting others of different nationalities on their home ground can be a strange experience for some. Being the outsider is an experience that most of us have had briefly at one point or another, but to experience it for a prolonged period can be a great character builder. It allows one to view life from a different experience and therefore develop tolerance for others through understanding. Naturally, having a better understanding of other allows you to better communicate with a wider view of people. Temporarily living in a foreign country is also educational in the traditional sense that travelers will through interaction with locals, learn about the foreign culture and the differences in views many people have, further building an understanding of people in general.

If you are considering an overseas excursion, it will well be worth your while. You will come back older and wiser. During the vacation part of a working vacation you will have a lot of fun and meet many people making some great friends. And you will develop an understanding of others that will make you a better communicator all round.


Source by Steve Burman