Difference Between Immigration and Migration

In most countries of the world if not all there is freedom of movement. Most offenders may tend to run away from their home countries where they can be arrested to other regions where they cannot. Restriction also comes to help in controlling the population with relevance to the economy. Immigration is mainly described as the state I n which people move from one country to another in which they are not natives. Migration on the other hands can be either by human beings or animals.

With migration it can be external or internal. Immigration may be for different reasons like studying, work or permanent residence. Although immigration bonds requirements change from time to time may involve crossing of national borders it mainly involves those which are located with the geographical area. With migration in most of the cases it is often involuntary due to political feuds and also naturally disasters unlike with immigration which is mainly optional weather it is illegal or legal. In most cases with immigration there is a through scrutiny of the individual.

Secondly, immigration is not always accepted with open arms. The fact that immigration is often optional makes it to have a lot of hindrances. With migration even when national borders are crossed deportation is not common especially when the people have run for safety. The fact that immigration is highly restricted in some regions especially to the rising levels of expatriates who compete with the natives of the country many people opt to use illegal means. Some people have been found to use underground tunnels to illegal get into countries as illegal immigrants.

An individual may be forced to meet immigration bond requirements unlike with migration. With immigration it is important to make sure that all the papers are in order. For one to make sure they have met all the immigration bond requirements they make sure they have no pending issues with the immigration office. In case one does not meet the immigration bond requirements then they may be demanded bails and there for put in remand till their trial.

Migration involves the vulnerable especially the women and children in most cases running away from political turmoil and instability and national calamities . The reason as to why immigration requires one to meet the immigration bond requirements is because they believe that the individuals moving to their country are literate and able to conduct and sustain themselves.

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