Factors to Consider as you Pick a Parking Pay Station

A parking pay station ensures you have the right approach to revenue generation at your parking lot. This calls for you to find out which system shall serve our needs best. There are certain things you need to keep in mind as you decide.

You need to decide whether to go with a gated or metered parking pay station. It pays to know which of these shall serve your needs well. The gates kind shall prove more costly in the beginning, because it comes with the barrier gates, entry and exit machines, and the installation work. You will find the initial cost of the metered ones to be cheaper. But as you use the metered ones, it shall lead to more costs when it comes to verification. You will have to hire personnel to check each car for whether they are still within their parking duration. It, therefore, is more expensive in the long run.

You then have to work out whether to go with a varying rate or a flat rate system. Flat rate systems are less complicated than varying rate ones. With a flat rate system, there shall only be one point of validation at the exit. The varying rate kind shall need one at each end. Varying rate systems shall have more efficiency at ensuring cars are parked not for too long. With flat rates, cars can be left occupying space for way too long. Flat rate systems are best in areas that people have to keep leaving at a fast pace.

You then have to choose between a system where people pay on foot, or one which they can pay while in their cars. If the parking lot shall be a busy one, there is a need to pay for one that shall allow payments on foot. There shall thus be less congestion at the exit points. But if you have to deal with a small sized parking lot, you will have to pick the pay on lane variety.

You need to then decide whether or not to hire parking attendants. They make for more satisfied customers when who see them as people ready to help them. But such service shall come with expenses you will have to take care of.

You then need to decide who your target customers shall be; the long-term parking spot holders, such as employees in a building complex, or short-term stay parkers, of which anyone can use. The former shall need you to get an access control system, such as RFID cards, which shall grant access to the parking lot once produced as the entry key. As for the other choice, you shall have to put in place a cash collection point for them.
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