Many experts state that most of the students after learning new things begin to forget the information within 24 to 48 hours. So to offset the learning process vacation camps are a great source for the children to stay in the line. This reinforced education activity will make the children to strengthen some of their subjects.

Some tips are provided for your children to enjoy the learning process while they are away from school.

Children should be encouraged to write in their own style, like they should be told to write letters to friends or family members to describe their weekly activities and also make them to read his / her letters so loud that they can understand the flow. To improve or to make them love math, you should ask your children to assist in preparing a budget for monthly grocery. This way the children do not feel that they are doing some math, but feel that they are handling some important task in the house.

To increase the reading level in children, they should be made to develop the habit of reading books and libraries are the best source for this. In local libraries, they offer clubs and programs to children for free. Parents can take the help of the librarians to find a suitable book for their children.

Internet is a vast place to find numerous books and other children development resources and browsing through the Internet itself is a very encouraging activate. However, parents have to take proper measures before giving their children to use the internet. It is advised that parent's presence is very much important while children browse through the net.

To enhance the development of logical thinking and analysis children should be encouraged to play board games and puzzles along with their family members has this to give them more joy and also helps them to develop competitiveness. Playing games as well develop the confidence level in the children.

Building confidence in children is important as this allows the children to handle or face the situation confidently. This does not help them to handle the situation, but they can even outperform in their studies, and also they will be the lead in their group. The way of talking and presentation will be completely different than other kids whose confidence level is low. It is advised that parents take some of their time to build confidence in children and this will have a positive impact on the parents and children relationship.


Source by S Prashanth Kumar