If you are wondering what a virtual assistant, or VA can do for you, you will find out that the answer is ‘a lot’. Virtual assistants are independent entrepreneurs that can offer professional administrative and technical assistance, and even creative or social services to their clients. The distinctive mark of a such a person is that he or she works from a home office, using Internet and the phone as means of communication.

When you hire a such a person you can delegate daily tasks that have to be performed, so that you will have more time to manage your business. Be they long-term or short-term projects, the tasks that you decide to delegate to your virtual assistant can include a wide range of services and this only depends on what you need and the skills of the person you hire. Although they will not become your employees, he or she will still have to perform just like one.

A bilingual or multilingual VA is a person who masters two or even more foreign languages. If your business needs to do business in a foreign country, this is quite helpful. Once she or he has become familiar with the operations in your company, your VA can use his or her mother tongue or a foreign language she or he masters to communicate with your foreign customers.

The list of tasks that can be delegated to a VA can be quite long, but here are some of the most common types:

Administrative Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant

Organizing and managing your correspondence or e-mail campaigns that enhance your business. You VA can manage the database with your customers or services you offer, enter new accounts, information and update it whenever it is necessary.

Or perhaps you need travel arrangements, calendar management, research, data entry, transcription. These are typical tasks you can ask your virtual assistant to perform. Any other administrative services that you consider important but do not have enough time to deal with, you can delegate to your VA. Bilingual or multilingual virtual assistants can handle all such tasks in the foreign languages they are proficient with. This allows you more time to deal with more important tasks.

All you need is your computer, an Internet connection and perhaps a phone to be permanently in touch with your VA.

Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Perform

There are professionals that offer virtual assistance services that specialize in Internet and social media marketing. This means you can hire them to set up press release and article marketing campaigns. You can also ask skillful VAs to improve the SEO for your website and offer suggestions on how to grow your business through Internet marketing techniques. You will find VAs that can use social media to generate new leads for your business. Creating a business blog, setting up an interesting Facebook page, Twitter campaigns or any other cutting-edge social media tools can be tasks to delegate to your VA.

VAs Offer Customer Services

When you are interested in finding customers worldwide, a multilingual or bilingual virtual assistant is an invaluable partner who can communicate with your clients who speak the languages the VA is fluent in. Your VA can connect with your prospects and customers in their native language and this process can boost your business.

Multilingual Virtual Assistant Can Also Handle Translation Tasks

If you need to translate your website, articles, Powerpoint presentations or press releases in the language of the country you are interested in, you can ask your virtual assistant to take care of these tasks. Of course, there are machine translations but everybody knows that their performance is not yet satisfactory. Human translation cannot be replaced yet. This is why whenever you deal with foreign customers, hiring a multilingual or bilingual virtual assistant is the best choice. Being more involved with your day to day operations, she or he can do a better job than a certified translator. Certified translators usually charge more, so this might mean you can save money.

International SEO and Internet Marketing Performed By VAs

A bilingual or a multilingual virtual assistant can assist you with not just translating your website but also with optimizing it so that search engines will rank it higher. You can find the right person to perform SEO for the targeted languages if you look for multilingual virtual assistants. A native speaker will better know which keywords are relevant in their country, so the translation can be more accurate and culturally adjusted to the audience it is intended for. Sites such as Google or Bing will favor your website if you have performed International SEO with your assistant help.

These persons can become your partners, not just your employees and the efficient and cost-effective solution of hiring them will translate into better results for your company. Outsourcing your routine tasks to a VA, will allow you to focus on more important operations of your core business, so your productivity will increase.


Source by Claudia Amendola