Principals to having a successful trade booth Key players give projections for the past year, new products get announced as smaller and upcoming companies enter the public eye. As with everything, your first impressions of a company are important, and those impressions often come from their trade show booths. Most people who visit trade booths remember it even more than they remember the products announced or presented. With so much riding on how your trades show display, you have to look at it seriously. However, there are some major questions that one has to answer when designing a booth. For instance, the competitors booth, previous booths done by the company, the products to be displayed and the size of the booth. The factors are discussed in length below. The size of the booth Just like trade shows come in different shapes and sizes, so should booth be different. Large shows like the Consumer Electronics Show call for large booths. CES show booths are notorious for being multi-million dollar affairs that take up large amounts of space and are attractions all by themselves.
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However, not all shows require large booths. If the exhibitions are not worth millions of dollars, then the booth should also not be that large. Moreover, the booth should be large enough to catch a customer’s eye. So how large should you make it? The other thing to consider is the display so as to determine the size of the booth.
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Comparison Between other Booth When designing a trade booth, it is important to look at what you have done in the past and what your competitors are doing for the show. Looking at past designs enables one to keep up with the established themes. Brand retention applies to the displays as well as product development. An attendee should be able to recognize your company’s brand without even thinking as this ensures that they can easily get in to ones booth to listen to the presentation. For one to remain competitive, they have to look at the competitors booth. You do not want to develop a reputation of being behind the times’ by not having a booth that is in some way similar to your competitors. The cometitors past booths also helps one to be able to anticipate what they may bringing next. There should be no imitation of designs, they should only be similar. For example, don’t close off your booth when everyone else is doing open air displays. Build Trade Show Booths That Highlight Your Products One has to remember their product. The biggest mistake a company can make is to build a booth that doesn’t highlight what they are trying to present. The first thing that could make an industry get low rating is building a booth that has full sounds and lights unrelated to their products.