Berlin is home to good food, great wine, dazzling art and architecture, rich history, and interesting culture. As the capital of Germany, Berlin offers the widest selection of hotels and hostels to globe-hoppers. If you need a place to stay in, get your own vacation flat. With a vacation flat, Berlin will certainly feel less of a stranger and more of a home to you.

What you plan to do or see in the city should be your primary consideration in choosing where to stay. Do not base your choice on rates or amenities alone. Proximity to the places you plan to visit should be the key factor in your decision.

A common misconception among tourists is the operational definition of the phrase, "vacation flat." Most ensemble that this reflects only to a single housing unit, with a single room, kitchen, and toilet and bath. In reality, a vacation flat in Berlin could have been much more. It could be an upscale penthouse, or a modest two-room affair. It could be a centuries-old castle, even.

Hostels and Vacation Houses

Hostels and vacation homes are friendly to the purse strings. When looking for this type of vacation flat, Berlin newspapers and magazines, as well as online sites such as http://www.Holiday4You.com , are a veritable goldmine of information. You will find it easier to rent this space if you pay for it in cash. You will get a better exchange rate, however, if you visit a bank or an ATM first.

For a vacation flat, Berlin landlords may charge as low as 12 Euros a night. Furthermore, you need not worry about the appearance of such a cheap lodging place because most of the hostels in Berlin had been constructed only recently. Those that were built years ago are still kept scrupulously clean.

Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin

This is a vacation flat Berlin is noted for. The Kempinski is located right at the heart of the city, on the famous Kurfuerstendamm boulevard. It is one of the oldest hotels in Berlin and has the distinction of being the first five-star hotel to be rebuilt after the Second World War. The Kempinski is, by itself, a significant part of modern history, and the fact that it is within walking distance to shops, theaters, and restaurants truly makes it a vacation flat Berlin visitors should try at least once during their stay.

Schlosshotel Im Grunewald

This has the distinction of being Germany's only historic castle hotel. It has state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities. Additionally, it is located very near well-known shopping centers. It was originally built as a private mansion at the start of the twenty century. In the 1990s, however, the place underwent major renovations. Today, it boasts of 42 rooms and 12 suites.

This is one type of vacation flat Berlin tourists should book days in advance. Given its popularity and the limited number of rooms, Schlosshotel Im Grunewald can not house as many people as other hotels can.


Source by Cassie Herts