How to Assure an Ideal Edtech Platform

By sheer fact of there being so many when it comes to the options in the software, apps and platforms that would support the learning and teaching initiative, it is a fact that a number f educators often get overwhelmed making the choice of the one that would be most appropriate for their needs. It gets quite tough vetting the many options and as a fact, many educators often find themselves at a loss on where and how to begin the whole process at large.

To start them off in the effort to get the best platform, some have referred to the reviews from fellow educators and for some, the first step is to refer to the sites that have a dedicated catalog containing feedback from their fellow educators as their starting point. With these particular steps already taken and as such having your list now reduced to some few options available, the next step that would be advisable to take would be to set up an appointment with the companies so far earmarked and ask for a demo on their products.

Bear in mind the fact that this is such an important part in the decision making process and as such you need to make sure that you are furnished with the information that you are looking for. By and large, there are quite a plethora of questions that you may want to ask but we have reduced these to some core ones as have been mentioned below.

First and foremost, as you have your own internal conversation over the platforms, you need to ask and get clear how it is that the platform will be supporting the learning goals and objectives that the institution has. When looking at the options before you, it is supposed to be borne in mind the fact that when it comes to the edtech tools, these are essentially supposed to be the kind that will be deployed in an organization to help achieve some particular goal in mind. As an example, consider where you are looking forward to implementing a standards-based grading system and as such you will need to ensure that you are going for such a solution that has the capacity to overcome some of the most common and prevalent challenges that are seen when trying to implement the standards-based grading system.

It would as well be quite advisable for you to ask if at all it is true that the platform you are looking at is able to deliver indeed on the promised functionalities and features.

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