Argentina is known for its spectular architecture and culture. Aside for being the capital city of Tango, it has dazzling sites for travelers; in business and families.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to visit and just by walking is the best way to explore the city. Various tourists' destinations in the place are within easy access. The city offers dazzling and splendid views that the family can enjoy including as much as the kids. Find out the best of the cities brightly colored barrios with the help of the cities most prominent landmarks. Either you travel for the purpose of discovering the history, culture, food and dances in city, rest assured you will love the place and will have a fun-filled experience even the kid at the heart of Buenos Aires. The rich city is blessed with luxury and cheap hotels that offer best accommodations giving you comfort while in the city. The city is safe and friendly for children with wide variety of delicacies they may delight with.

Here are simple things you can enjoy in traveling with your kids in Buenos Aires:

Palermo Parks

Enjoy walking around Palermo Parks, which is filled with families during weekends. You can enjoy while having a picnic in the park and in playing some sports. The children can also enjoy the zoo right located in Palermo with over 350 species including elephants and tigers. Rest assured all family members will have a pleasant experience while having a rest in this wonderful and splendid Palermo Park.


You do not have to worry where to eat while exploring the city, in itself has a variety of vendors in the street and trendy restaurants. Best delicacies local and international were offered for you to complete your day. Barbecue meat "Asado" is served in various restaurants as a mark for their national tradition. Reward your kids with the best ice cream served in the city invidious chains. You just taste the life living in Buenos Aires while having a meal at the heart of the city.


Roller coaster rides at Parque de la Costa is made to perfection for kids to enjoy. It's a fun filled experience that keep visitors to come back for more.


Enjoy the show held in various streets of Buenos Aires. There are lots of street performers on squares, pedestrian malls and around markets. You will mostly enjoy watching magnificent Latin dances, and puppet shows on this streets. Sometimes you do not need to spend for an expensive show to entertain. At Buenos Aires, everywhere is an entertainment.


The city of Buenos Aires offers various great hotels for you to stay with your kids. Most of the hotels are embellishable with spectacular arts and designs of local artist and other influences like European style decors. After a tiring experience of exploring the city, it's the best way to relax in the hotel and enjoy the best offers and accommodations made for guests convenience and comfort. Some hotel offers a meal in a restaurant near a pool. There are also hotel that has terraces and balconies overlooking the city.


Source by David N Scott