Everything about SR22 Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, SR22 Insurance is not a kind of insurance, rather it is just an auto insurance attached with SR22 Filing. Basically, this is an endorsement on non-owners or auto insurance policy. It is a kind of form that’s filled with DMV by the insurance company that allows them to know that you do carry the required liability insurance of the state.

Filing is necessary and called for as well by Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV to ensure that individuals have their driving privileges. Then after, the DMV would require SR22 for those who pose high risks to other motorists on road. In most instances, this filing will be required for people that have record of DUI or if ever someone gets involved in an accident while not insured. It is primarily a way for the Department of Motor of Vehicle to insure that high risk drivers have auto insurance that protects the general public.

SR22 endorsement onto your policy is typically requiring a term of 36 months, after which, Filing will no longer be needed and then, the endorsement could be removed from the policy. As a matter of fact, SR22 insurance is only a filing that’s attached to the auto insurance. When talking about the SR22 policy cost, it is almost the same with the cost of auto insurance policy and then, another 20 dollars which is a one-time filing fee. On top of the fee in filing SR22, there’s no additional costs that are associated to secure an SR22. The reason why you need to file for such can affect your overall rates.

And while you are in your 3-year period where it’s required to have SR22, it will be cancelled for any reason if your auto insurance already has SR22 filing. The DMV is going to revoke all your driving privileges. In this case, you have to get an SR22 policy for the second time and reinstate your license with the Department of Motor Vehicles along with the fee for DMV reinstatement which is approximately 55 dollars.

In the event that you have lapse in your policy due to late payment, then your SR22 could be cancelled as well and the same with your driving privileges too. Whether you believe it or not, it is fairly simple to locate SR22 Insurance, all that is needed is keying in SR22 Insurance or SR22 Insurance Quotes. This is going to provide you with relevant results of the insurance companies that are offering SR22 Insurance. It is highly recommended that you check out at least 3 companies to ensure that you are getting only competitive pricing.

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