When you have to travel, there are plenty of obstacles that could get in your way. When you’re on crutches, everything is that much harder. Getting to a new destination on a plane takes patience as it is, but when you are on crutches, it feels almost impossible. Use these tips to help you get through the flight with as much ease as possible.

Tip #1: Call the Airline

Before you embark upon the trip, call the airline and tell them about your situation. They can inform you of any special boarding areas and other things that you might be entitled to as a temporarily disabled person. You will then be able to plan ahead better as to what you need to do and where you need to be.

Tip #2: Pay for a Seat

Many airlines allow you to upgrade your seat for a better seat for a small fee. Usually, you wouldn’t do this, but when it comes to additional leg room, you need it this time around. Make sure you do not sit in the exit row and choose a seat with extra leg room so you can prop your foot up a little during the flight.

Tip #3: Board Early

If the airline lets you board early, do it. It is easier to find a place to stash your crutches and to get into your seat when there are not a lot of people around you. Though you may not like sitting longer and waiting for everyone else to board, it is really the easiest way to go.

Tip #4: Get Off Last

Again, it is hard to wait for everyone to get off around you, but when you are on crutches, trying to get off while others are waiting behind you is aggravating for both you and them. Wait in your seat until those behind you are gone so you can take your time getting off the plane.

Tip #5: Get an Aisle Seat

When you are choosing your seat, it is a good idea to get a seat on the aisle even if you prefer the window seat. You can stick your leg out in the aisle for even more room and you don’t have to try to crawl over the seat and possibly other people to get to the window area.

Tip #6: Arrive Early

You always want to arrive early for a flight, but when you are on crutches, it is a good idea to arrive even earlier for anything and everything you have to do.

Tip #7: Send Luggage

If you are staying away for any length of time, it is a good idea to send your luggage ahead of you in advance. There’s no way you can drag your luggage behind you when you are trying to struggle through the airport on crutches.

Tip #:8 Alternative Mobility Devices

If you are really concerned about how you will get on and off the plane on crutches and even through the airport in your condition, it is best to look into alternative options. There are plenty of other mobility devices on the market that can help you navigate airplane travel and everyday life in a non-weight bearing state.

Traveling on a plane is never easy when you are on crutches, but these tips will help you get through it with as much ease as possible.


Source by Brooke M Williams