Experience the Eternal Beauty of Kerala's Mountains and Rainforest


The travelers can get the most adventurous journey through the roads of the rainforest and mountains. Kerala is the most dynamic place in the country. You can get equivalent astonishment of mountains, forests, rivers, and temples. Now you can know some valuable details of Mathikettan Shola Rainforest. The trekking tour in this national park would be a lifetime experience for the travelers. Eternal beauty and untouched corners of the forest will be explored with the best guides. The 5 days tour would make a dreamy impact in your life quite.

Days in the forest:

The total tour will be finished in 5 days. Yet, people can choose the span of spending their holidays in the rainforest. Typically, the travel agency can show the attractive tourist spots and most of the national park in these days. The 5 day tour including arrival and departure would make you overly happy.


The 12.82 km area of ​​the national park is located at the Poopara village in Udumbanchola. The high peaks, falls, forest and eternal blank space can take you to the highest level of excitation.

1st day – after the arrival in the Poopara village, tourists can start with the 2640 m peek. Suryaneli is the second highest peak in the region. The grassland may draw the perfect introduction in your mind so that you can understand the rest of the tour. The hurdles of this grassland will provide amazing photographs to you.

2nd day – the 2nd day would start at very early in the morning. Tourists can see the sunrise from mountains of BL Ram. The guide will take you to the butterfly forest to see the sunrise behind the hills and if you arrived at that space in October or November, then you can see the mass migration of butterflies. The whistling thrush and unforgettable spectacles will take you to the ultimate level of exoticism. Here, the tourists can visit the culture Muduvans. This civilization is living in the upper mountains for centuries. They are the history of our country and this state. Therefore, the architectures, lifestyle and dance & music may give an exuberant day to you.

3rd day – you are in the center of the Maathikettan Shola park now. It is the time to move your eyes around because the oldest Asian elephants are beside you. They are watching every movement of the tourists always. You can feel that you are in the homes of the Elephants; therefore, you must be very careful about your activity. The elephants permit to drink the beauty, but without hampering their peace. Santanpara is famous for its Nilgiri Langurs and Elephants among the world.

4th day – the most adventurous and dangerous place of the rainforest tour is traveling from Santanpara to Chaturangapara. The tourists can not get permission to cross the Santanpara check post without qualified guides and proper equipment. It is one of the most challenging Trekking in India ; because entire Tamil Nadu would be seen from the heights. At the last day, tourists can feel the excitement of a night in the forest.

5th day – on the last day, you will cross every part of the forest that you passed to reach the extreme point. This day would start at the morning. You can complete your breakfast at Chaturangapara and then start to reach the main city.


Source by Surjit Singh

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Tips to Find Cheap Flights


These are simply listed in point format to make it easier for you to read right through to the end. Of all the reviews I’ve written online these are my major points to consider.

Book in advance

The best way to find a cheap flight is by booking early. Do not wait until the last minute or else you will be charged “last minute” fees, which are normally exorbitant. The earlier you book the better. Try 10 weeks in advance if you can.

Travel midweek

The best time to travel is midweek. That is, from Monday to Thursday. After this it can get really costly. I mean the weekends are considered peak time since everyone is traveling – if you want to fly cheap to SA, avoid weekend flights.

Book indirect flights

One thing is certain – direct flights are pricey. This comes with the convenience of direct flying. If you are looking for the cheapest flight then do not even think about direct flights.

Travel in winter

If you ever compared flights in summer and winter then you’d know that winter prices are cheaper. This is because winter is considered off peak in South Africa i.e. midyear since we are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Travel at night

Actually most of the flights are night flights. However there are also day-flights, which you must avoid if you want to fly cheap. However, it is always best to compare these flights just incase there is a discount being offered by the day-flights.


Source by Mark Doeer

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How to Browse the Web and Find the Right Travel Website for You


People travel for different reasons. No matter what the reason may be for the travel though, one would notice that the traveler always sets a day or two as for sightseeing and other leisure activities. This is because travel, if not coupled with even a little exploration, may be considered a useless activity.

The universality of travel, coupled with the demand for instant access to travel plans and bookings, has responded in a boom of online travel agencies. These companies primarily offer discounts and freebies as incentives for those who book with them. Not all of these websites are legitimate, as some are just there to get money and personal information. Listed below are a few items that one could consider when browsing through online travel agencies. These items will help one avoid the unsavory websites while changing which company to book with.

1) Does the website look professional? These websites were made to earn money for the maker, and it's a safe assumption that a reasonable amount was also invested into its creation. Websites that seemed to have been put together in day or week would raise a few doubts already. One should also look for links that lead now. If the terms of service and other similar links bring up server errors, then one should start to doubt the websites validity.

2) What do other users say of the website? Valid websites would always have feedback. Not all of these would be on the site itself, but look through forums and other networking sites that frequent travelers use. These posts, though not fully reliable, would provide a snapshot of the type of service that each travel website provides. Be wary of the feedback though, because some of them may be exaggerated. If the majority of the feedback is negative though, then one would have a reason to be wary.

3) Does it offer trips to your country of choice? Travel agencies are able to provide deals because of the relationships that they develop with hotels and airlines. Although it is a given that all travel agencies work to expand their scope, they all have limitations. Do not adjust to what the travel agency has to offer. It should be the other way around.

4) Does it offer the best price? Again, travel agencies are supposedly to work for the customer. Check if direct bookings would be cheaper. Check the prices listed against what other companies offer. It would be good to look into the freebies that are offered as well, such as discount coupons for future travel. These discounts often add up to excellent savings.

5) Can you customize your tour? Travel agencies often offer packages that make the booking experience hassle free. A lot of times though, the customer only has two choices: take it or leave it. This works if the tour is well designed. Still, it would be great if one could personalize the tour a little bit or even build up their own tour from scratch.

Finding the right travel agency online does require some work. It does have its advantages because once the decision has been made, the booking can be done with confidence because he or she has clearly made the right choice.


Source by Andrew Joseph Mella

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Best Functional Travel Gifts for Men


There are different travel gifts that you can purchase. If you are going to get your dad or your brother or maybe your husband some travel gifts, you want to make sure that they will actually like it. Most men think alike when it comes to travel presents. It is all about making the gift functional. Since most men have active lifestyles, here are some products that you can purchase for them to enjoy. If you also want to save some cash, you may try these gifts.


Earphones make a good travel present for men since everyone knows how excruciating it is to do nothing when you are on board a plane. For any traveler, staying on a bus or on a plane for hours at a time could sometimes be torturous. Travelers carry an mp3 player along with their phone to listen to music. There are a lot of high end earphones today in the market. However, there are also those that are priced considerately lower than the top brands.

Smartphone Covers

Traveling without any means of communication is definitely a bad scenario for a tourist. Population of iPhone users and other smart phones over the years have increased and because of this growing trend, having a smart phone protector to resist the weather and any accidental falls could be practical.

Fanny Packs

There was a time when fanny packs or belt bags became popular. For a time, a lot of people found it odd. Fortunately today, the fanny packs are returning and are now becoming fashionable again. It is a great traveling bag because you can stuff your documents on your waste. You do not have to misplace your passport or your visa and your cash as well.

Health Insurance

Traveling to a new place, you really do not know if you will be getting sick because of the climate or because of the food. For whatever reason that you get sick, you want to have immediate medical care. For men who love to go backpacking, this is probably one of the best travel gifts that anyone could give them. This not only saves your budget but this can also save someone's life.

Passport Covers

The last thing that you want is to damage your passport because of the rain or because of any other reason. You want your document to always be intact and you could do this when you have a passport cover.


Backpacking is a common activity by men. Since it is easy to get lost when you do not have a fixed plan and a tour, you can have a GPS can change all of these things. A GPS is a great navigation device if you are riding your car or walking on some unknown area.

Traveling is a common activity for men. What you can do to make their journey easier is to provide them with the right travel gifts that they can find useful. These gifts mentioned could be a great purchase because not only are these things functional, you can also expect that you do not need to drain your wallet.


Source by John Michael Jayme

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Best Days Of The Week To Buy Airline Tickets


What are the best days of the week to buy Airline tickets?

Everybody looks out for the cheapest deals especially with the rising cost of airfare travel. This has a lot to do with timing, and knowing what days you can land a cheap deal on an airline ticket is the key.

Avoid booking air tickets on weekends. On the contrary, that is when most people find it suitable to buy airline tickets since they are busy on weekdays.

So the question here is; when is it convenient to buy an airline ticket? According to travel experts, buying an Air ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday can land you a good deal.

Prices tend to fluctuate all the time, which can bring a lot of frustrations to customers. However, if you are looking for a good deal, buy an airline ticket on Tuesday. Sales for discounted seats launch on Monday night, and have competitors matching the low prices on Tuesday morning. These expire by the end of the week (Thursday or Friday in most cases).

Here is an example; A round-trip can cost $ 209 on Tuesday or Wednesday, and go up to $ 301 in four days, then reduce to $ 219 the following Tuesday, and jump back up to $ 307 by Friday the same week! By Tuesday again, the airfare might go down to $ 229.

Airlines increase their fares on Thursday night – usually by $ 5 or $ 10 to see how much their competitors will match their prices. If the competitors do not match these prices, they are then reduced to their original prices on Monday morning.

Here are some tips to follow when you want to buy an airline ticket;

  • Arrange your travel day to fall on Tuesday, Wednesday or on Saturday. If you travel on these days, the prices are likely to be lower than Monday, Friday and Sunday travel dates. You get a bigger discount on an off-peak day.
  • Book your air tickets in advance. You can find a cheap airline ticket if you book your flight 14 days in advance of the travel date. You need to act fast because these prices change frequently, you can fish around and get a good deal, but when you come back to buy it, the deal would be no longer there!

Most business people buy their tickets between 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday. Reasonably, the airlines have deals when the business is active at that time. Studies have shown that when you buy your airline ticket on Tuesday at 3:00 pm, you can get a very good deal.

Markets have shown that during the middle of the week, airlines offer their lowest prices, which show an increase in the prices on the weekends. The best day of the week to buy an airline ticket would there be on Tuesday in the study.


Source by Miriam Ouma

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Ideas For Travel Agent Marketing


You may be wondering how to begin travel agent marketing if you are thinking about starting your own company or need to give the organization you work for a little boost. The first thing you must be aware of is the fact that you need to be prepared to put a little money, as well as creativity, time and effort into your marketing plan. This means dedicating hours beyond your normal work week to achieve your goal.

The whole point to marketing is to promote your business and draw in customers. However, attracting consumers is only half the battle because you need to make sure you have something good to offer them that will motivate them to stay and not turn to the competition.

The following are some travel agent marketing ideas you can put to good use:

Create a travel website – All businesses need an online presence. Shopping on the World Wide Web is a convenience many enjoy. You need to provide people with many different ways that they can contact you and create their travel plans. The more methods you provide, the larger the market you will reach.

Advertise in your local papers – The papers in your city can give you exposure and help you establish yourself in your community. Take the time to advertise deals, events and so on to raise people’s interests. Be sure to also include your Travel website url in the advertisement.

Make your agency appealing – A large part of travel agent marketing is making sure things look great. This includes you and where you work. If you have an office where you meet with clients, make the environment very bright and inviting. Don’t clutter up a room with furniture or other knickknacks. Keep the area fresh, modern and all about travel. Contact suppliers and request new posters and displays. The same goes for your travel website. Do not junk it up with too many options. Keep it simple and make it easy for consumers to contact you, use your travel resources and search tools.

Network – You should have business cards created so you can give them out whenever an opportunity presents itself. It is also important to have your friends and associates spread the word about your travel company and make sure to return the favor whenever you can. Attend business conventions and make yourself known.

You need to give people a reason to want to take a chance on you. The right travel agent marketing techniques can do this for you. If you are really stuck for ideas, don’t forget that there are marketing professionals who can help you. Just remember to never make promises you can’t keep. Only advertise what you can deliver.


Source by Adam Donkus

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6 Major Airlines That Offer Cheap flights to Barbados


People who want to visit Barbados by air can rely on airlines operating out of a number of major cities worldwide. These flights will bring you into the Grantley Adams International Airport located at the southeast tip of the island. It is one of the largest airports in Caribbean and is about 16 kilometers or 10 miles away from the country's capital, Bridgetown. Below are 6 major airlines that offer cheap flights to Barbados.

British Airways

The British Airways offer many Barbados flights year round. However, their direct flights typically come out of Gatwick, London which take 8 hours and 50 minutes. Travelers coming from the Manchester via British Airways will need to make a stopover in Gatwick first and then travel on to the island aboard the aforementioned flight.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways also has Barbados flights for visitors who will be traveling from London and Manchester. Unlike the British Airways flights from Manchester, Virgin Atlantic offers a direct flight to the island of Barbados from Ringway International Airport in Manchester City, with a total flight time of 8 hours and 40 minutes. These flights fly out on twice on Mondays and Fridays only.

American Airlines

American Airlines is the most popular airline carrier among travelers from the United States bound to Barbados. They offer cheap flights to the island coming from New York, Miami and Dallas. There are direct flights from each of these cities to Barbados. Other times, you will need to transfer from one state to another state to catch a connection flight to Barbados (eg New York -> Miami -> Barbados). A flight from New York to Barbados will take 4 hours and 40 minutes. A flight from Miami requires a shorter flight time of 3 hours and 25 minutes while the flight from Dallas will take more than 7 hours due to making 1 or 2 stop overs.

Air Canada

If you are traveling from Canada, Air Canada offers cheap direct Barbados flightsout of Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto, Ontario. The shortest flight from Toronto to Barbados aboard Air Canada will take 5 hour and 5 minutes. Air Canada also offers a flight from Elliot Trudeau Airport (YUL) in Montreal, Quebec to Barbados, taking 7 hours and 45 minutes with a layover in Toronto, Ontario


The Westjet, one of the latest additions to the airlines traveling to Barbados, is another option for visitors who will be coming from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Starting operation in 1996, it is one of the most common choices for people who are looking for cheap air fare. However, it does not offer Barbados flights every day. You can only rely on this airline on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It also has flights to and from the United States and Mexico making it a great alternative for visitors who were not able to get direct flights to Barbados and therefore require a connection to another airline.

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines, an airline whose operation is centered around take visitors to and from a number of Caribbean destinations, offer direct Barbados flightsfrom Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. If necessary you can get to Jamaica from Orlando, Toronto, New York and Philadelphia. You can also fly from Toronto or New York to Trinidad and Tobago.

You can reach Barbados in just 3 and 30 minutes from Montego Bay or 2 hours and 35 minutes from Kingston. From Trinidad and Tobago, a nonstop flight will take only 50 minutes.


Source by Denise McCarthy

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Best Travel Deals – 5 Tips for Finding Great Travel Bargains On the Internet


You don’t have to search forever to find the best travel deals. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of patience and the knowledge of where to look. Successful travel planning involves things like online comparison shopping and deal alerts.

To help you save time (and money!) here are a few tips to simplify the process:

• Always do your research and price comparison in incognito windows. This way, the cookies in your browser won’t be tracked. It’s not uncommon these days for airfare and hotel prices to actually increase when a particular route has been searched, as the websites and companies behind the advertisements want to scare you into booking that deal ASAP by making you think the price is increasing. This unscrupulous practice won’t be an issue if you do research in incognito. Only open up the normal browser when you’re ready to book the trip.

• Figure out the cheapest day to fly out. Most experts say it on a Tuesday, but that isn’t the case 100% of the time. Sometimes the best travel deals can be found on other days. The best thing to do is to select the “whole month” button on a travel search site to view the expected rates on every day of the month instead of trying to play around with the dates manually.

• Keep an eye out for “flash sales” and “last minute deals”. The cheapest possible rates are often short-lived and not ongoing. The only way to catch one of these offers is to sign up to receive emails or text notifications from travel sites or airlines you are likely to use.

• Have an opened mind in regards to destinations, airports, accommodation, dining, etc. The best travel deals are easier to find when you are flexible with your plans. If you can’t find an inexpensive plane ticket to the city you want to visit, for instance, consider flying to an outlying airport and taking a bus the rest of the way. You could also consider connecting flights instead of direct flights.

• Take advantage of travel-related coupons and promo codes. The great thing about the internet is that it is filled with special offers that will help consumers save money on anything – including travel. You’ll find discount codes and e-coupons that can be used either directly with the airlines / hotels / car rental companies themselves or with third party travel sites. Read over the terms and conditions for each offer so you’ll know exactly where you can use it and how to apply it to your order.

And That’s How You Get the Best Travel Deals

If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find the best travel deals more easily.

Online discount codes are always very helpful. You can easily get the best travel deals anywhere, domestically or internationally. Some websites’ price searching and comparison tools are very easy to use as well. Let it be your source of all travel-related information.


Source by George Botwin

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Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World


The economy is rising and with it the prices of every single thing is getting more and more expensive. However, in this world of high speed, you can still save your money. You can treat yourself to a well deserved vacation without being too hard on your pockets or without using up all that saved money in your bank account. This article will give you list of places that you can visit without being throwing away too much money. So here are the cheapest places to visit around the world. This list will help you save money on travel like never before.

1. Thailand

This country surrounded by beaches and filled with amazing aromatic food is actually one of the best options for an overseas trip especially if you like moderate temperatures. It is amongst the most popular tourist destinations of the world and has blue water seas and cozy sandy beaches. The cuisines and beach huts are also an added bonus which comes on a cheap price.

2. South Africa

South Africa home to one of the world’s 7 wonders is also on the list of places that allow you to have fun without spending too much money. On top of everything else, South Africa also gives you the opportunity to go on a Safari and you can do that without spending too much money as well. If you’re a Nature enthusiast then South Africa is the place for you because you get a lot of opportunity to interact with nature, animals and even go hiking! How amazing, right?

3. Vietnam

Even though Vietnam faced a lot of destruction and backlash due to the American War, it is still an amazing place. The loss of economy due to the wars means that Vietnam became a place that offers amazing services to its visitors at quite reasonable prices. Going to Vietnam you get to see the fields and serene countryside and as well as peaceful beaches and another plus point is the Vietnamese food. You might fall in love if you ever get the chance to visit this place.

4. Uruguay

Uruguay is a closer and more cheaper alternative of Brazil and Argentina which even though beautiful will never be light on your pocket. Head over to Uruguay and visit the picturesque beaches here instead. Also going here will give you an opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience. The country also provides a promising experience of wildlife and real time beaches.

5. Prague

Prague is a very prominent destination for tourists from all around the world however it has still managed to remain affordable as well. No wonder, so many people crowd the place all year round. This place provides you with so worthy entertainment and amazing food all in a range of 1 crown as we like to call it.


Source by Nick S Curtis

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Online Travel Deals – Tips to Save Big on Your Airfares and Hotels


Are you bitten by the travel bug but are related to travel more frequently due to rising travel costs? Do not worry, as there is a plethora of attractive travel deals online that are a big help in reducing various travel costs so that you can save more money for your next trip.

There are many reasons why service providers and online travel agents want to offer such deals to their customers. Among these reasons are relatively low demand, weather and climate conditions and the rolling out of brand new promotions.

Whatever their reasons, there is no better time than now to start going online to research and take advantage of these cheap travel deals as the Internet has made it much easier to search for and compare the rates offered by different sources. I will now offer some tips how you can go about finding the best deals for airlines and accommodation, two travel components which often take up a huge chunk of our travel expenditure.

The first step in getting the best deals for travel is to allocate your budget for hotels, airfare and other aspects of your travel. To do this, you have to be clear what the purpose of your travel is and how much would be appropriate to spend on each aspect so as to fit your travel purpose neatly. For example, if you are planning a fun-filled resort break, you would have to apportion more funds towards the hotel and recreation categories.

Here, adjusting your expectations on what kinds of deals on specific travel components are low enough for you will go a long way in ensuring that you would not be disappointed with your chosen deal. This would also depend on whether you are geared more towards budget or luxury travel.

To find discounted rates for hotels and airframes, you may want to visit a travel website that offers travel discounts for these aspects. This is to save you the trouble of having to visit multiple sites for them, and help you plan your bookings for both components in a hassle-free manner.

Next, look out for any seasonal offers that may raise due to either low demand due to off-peak seasons, such as winter, or festive season promotions. However, be sure to check out the weather forecasts to make sure that your trip will not be ruined by harsh weather conditions.

Many airlines and hotels also do not want to leave their seats or rooms empty because they may offer last minute deals which can net you attractive savings. Last minute bookings, however, are generally only advisable if you are sure that the airlines and hotels are not overbooked during the period which you will be traveling.

If you are traveling during peak seasons instead, you may want to book in advance as the best deals for the cheapest seats and rooms will be quickly picked up if you wait till the last minute to place your booking. Being flexible with your travel plans will certainly help as you can run a search for room rates or ticket prices spanning a greater range of dates. This will often reveal more travel deals than if you search for a specific date only.


Source by James Brad Lee

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Finding the Right Quote For Travel Insurance


Do you know what to look for when it comes to trip travel insurance? There are some things you should look for before deciding if you even need insurance. More importantly, you should want to find the lowest cost insurance. It would be nice to know where to look. This article covers some of the travel insurance rates and perks. Know what to look for before you get paid too much.

1. Look for individual vs. group rates – There are many insurance companies that offer individual rates that are usually the cheapest. However if you need insurance for your whole family and there are more than three of you, then a group rate is definitely for you. individual rates run around $ 30- $ 50 depending on what your necessities are. IE. lost baggage, evacuation, medical, etc … The more things you add on to your package the more expensive your rate / cost will be. It can get higher than $ 50 but most people do not need the extra perks. Group rates run closer to $ 100 and upward. This is great if you have a family of 4 and do not want to get each person an individual rate. Side note: children will be covered under you in many plans.

2. Local Agents vs. Online Travel Agents – There is a big misconception that local agents are cheaper than travel agents. This can be true if you are going on a cruise or have hired a travel agency to take care of everything (including your insurance). Most of the time you can find great deals, print them out, and be set online. This makes it tough for local travel insurance companies to stay afloat. I would recommend if you have a few extra dollars, to go with the local travel agency and support your local business. Make sure they are local and not some front, for simply entering your data online and taking some off the top.

3. You dont need insurance? – I have heard so many times, that travel insurance is a bunch of hogwash and that no one needs it. People say that until they need it, do not have it, and regret it. Travel Insurance is not for everyone and most often you can get by without it. (ESPecially if you are supported by global medical insurance) However, there are times when people should get it. Backpacking through Europe, Hiking Patagonia, scuba diving in Hawaii, are just a few to name, where travel insurance is a smart idea, in case something happens to you or your family.

4. Travel Insurance Cost – The cost of insurance rates varies. It depends on many factors that you can control. There are business plans, family plans, corporate perks, 4 individual plans, 4 business plans, etc … It is a good idea, to get a quote from multiple agents, and weigh your options when it comes to traveling and whether or not you need it. The best time to find travel insurance, is in the winter, when less people travel, as the cost seems to fluctuate in the summer months. Keep your eyes peeeled for future deals, recurring promotions, and more. It can be a good idea, but it becomes a bad idea, when you pay too much and are not prepared before you travel


Source by Brooke Abel

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Booking Flights And Saving Money


After planning your vacation, holiday or trip, you book your flight and then look forward to the travel date. If you are a wise traveler, then you definitely want to save some money as you travel, but still enjoy the best services possible. Flight comfort is very important and you definitely want to look at the quality you will get from the airline that you fly. Fortunately, there are so many ways to book good flights and still save money and some of the best tips for travelers are highlighted below.

Plan your travel during off season – This might be a very convenient method of saving money if your type of holiday is not affected directly by the season. When you go against the crowds you definitely enjoy cheaper airfare and you end up getting to the destination cheap. Understand your destination and know when peak and off peak seasons are and plan your trip accordingly to save some money while at it.

Consider using smaller airlines – Major airlines are very popular and even with high airfares they still get customers throughout. Smaller airlines that are still trying to make a name in the travel industry have a tendency of offering cheaper flights and you can consider a few of them to get to your destination without spending too much on it. New airlines also offer discounted flights and you can take advantage of the offers to save you some money as you travel to your preferred destination.

Choose flights that have layovers – They are much cheaper compared to express flights to the destination. The layovers might mean longer flying hours to where you are going, but you are definitely going to save some money by sacrificing a little of your time. You should however always check the routing of your flight to make sure it does not pose any inconveniences in any way.

Go for less popular airports – Smaller airports attract fewer crowds and the airlines using them offer lower ticket rates to attract travelers to the terminals. Check with the different airports that you have in your locality and see what options they have for your destination. You might just save a good amount when you choose to use the less popular airports in your locality and still get to enjoy the same service quality you would have enjoyed using the larger airports.

Choose the best travel days – Mid week flights will save you some money because they are less popular. Most people go for trips at the end of the week and travel for business in the beginning of the week. When you choose to fly on midweek days you have increased chances of enjoying low airfares to your destination. Still on timing your flight, booking your flight early can give you the chance to save money on your ticket and you can also enjoy the same cheap benefit by choosing to book it late and going for last minute deals that are much cheaper.


Source by Bryan M

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Booking Hotels Online – Travel Industry Secrets on Finding the Best Discount Hotel Deals


Booking hotels online today has never been easier. There are many reliable Internet-based travel related websites available right at your fingertips. But how and when to find the best hotel deals is sometimes more important than where to find the best deals. Here in this article we'll explore several factors for finding the best room rates for where ever you are traveling to.

Booking hotels from online travel agencies versa directly from hotels – Which is Better?

Any company like Priceline.com, Travelocity.com or Orbitz.com are online reservation agencies. These agencies work with hotels, airlines and car rental services on a bulk wholesale basis. In this case these companies are able to offer better room rates than hotels directly because because they have a greater presence on the Internet than any one hotel property. Hotels recognize that partnering with an agency with deep room discounts means that they can get more guests to fill their hotel's room quota. So if you book through any online travel agency the savings are passed on to travelers.

Book hotels in low season, it's cheaper – Or is it?

Regardless of high season or low season hotels have to keep a certain amount of rooms filled just to keep up with working cost. A large number of unfilled rooms during any season is the kiss of death for a hotel. And this can happen to any hotel, big or small. The funny thing is hotels will not clearly slash their room rates if you check their website because they have to appear business as usual. However, hotels will send notices of last-minute hotel sales to online travel agencies so that they can promote them.

How to find the best hotel deals?

The best thing to do is to find a local hotel reservation agency that has an office in the country or region you want to visit. I do not recommend companies such as Priceline.com or any other similar service that offers discounts on hotels, plane tickets and car rentals. It is better to stick strictly with a company that specializes in reserving hotel rooms only.

To get the best hotel deals search out a local hotel reservation agency and do not worry about high season rates as you can often find last-minute hotel deals from companies that are traveling to.


Source by Edwin M Clark

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How to Find the Best Tours and Travels


Are you planning a trip to a totally different city or state or country? So make it more adventurous by hiring a tour operator, because visiting a new place sounds really exciting, but it could be exhausting if you have no idea about the places to visit, language, food, etc. Hiring an operator will not only make your trip stress-free, but also economical because paying a fee to an operator is less expensive rather spending on extravagantly on other stuff on the trip. A tour operator will make you enjoy the best food in the city, beautiful sights, hotels, etc. If you are interested in knowing artifacts and history behind any historical monuments, a knowledgeable operator will provide you with all such enriching facts.


If you are looking for a local operator you can contact the travelling agency nearby your area. Or there are many online travelling agencies offering the services of an experienced operator. Other than this there are many freelancer operators available online.


There are certain qualities that make an operator different from others. An ideal operator is smart and knowledgeable who will guide you throughout the trip without any hassle. You need not worry about directions or route because an experienced operator will make you travel in most comfortable means of transport. More than this, an operator must be charismatic and amiable, so that you won’t feel like being on an educational tour with your school principal. A tour guide must have good communication skills because if you are travelling with a group, it is obvious that there will be chaos and confusion that an operator needs to manage with maturity. It is must for an operator to possess good organizational skills in order to maintain coordination among group members and stick to the schedule of the trip. He or she must be emphatic and cordial because no one likes to go on a trip with an arrogant person that sucks the whole fun out of the tour. Managing time is one of the greatest virtues that an operator must possess because you need to be a certain place at a particular time without any delay. An operator can either make your vacations super fun or can make it a horrible experience.


Before selecting an operator, first, make it sure the fee is within your travelling budget. Other than this, choose an experienced and reputed operator, because it is always wise to explore with someone having knowledge about that place. Always follow the instruction of your tour guide when it comes to directions, punctuality, means of transport, etc. Everyone needs a break from their hectic schedule, so plan a solo trip or with your friends or family, hire a tour operator and explore different cities, their culture, food and natural beauty.


Source by Shalini Madhav

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How to Find Air Travel Discounts


Finding great air travel discounts is not as hard as you might think. If you're willing to put in a little work you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on both domestic and international flights. Here are some great places to find deals on airfare:

Online – Often airlines offer huge air travel discounts when customers book online. Different brokerage Websites negotiate special deals with the airlines so that they can offer tickets at lower prices than other sites. Going online and comparing flights in real time can make a huge difference in the cost of the ticket that you buy.

Ask about discounts – Are you a senior citizen? Or a member of the military? Often you and your family are eligible to big air travel discounts that do not get publicized. Call a customer representative and ask what discounts are available. You and your family members may qualify for discounts that you did not know about that can make it much cheaper for you to fly on your next trip. If you are flying with your friends or with your extended family call the airline directly and ask if the airline is willing to offer a group discount. Some airlines will give customers great air travel discounts for traveling in groups of 5 or more.

Use your credit card rewards and frequent flier miles – More than 75% of the people who have frequent flier miles or credit card reward points that they can turn in for air travel discounts never use them. Those discounts can add up fast and you can even get free tickets depending on how many rewards points or frequent flier miles you have. Sometimes you may have to fly during peak hours or take other flight restrictions into consideration when you use them but the savings can be worth a few inconveniences.


Source by Mark Silva

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How to Look For Cheap Vacation Packages


Planning a family vacation is easier if you have a good package so that you do not have to take care of all the minor details of the trip. However, the more detailed and thorough a package is, the higher will be the rate. With the current economic situation, the affordable budget for vacations has declined significantly for many middle income families. Despite the economic crunch, every family wants to go on a holiday at least once a year and in order to do that they have to find a cheap and affordable package.

Where to Start Looking?

The best way to find an affordable package is to contact online travel agencies and get their rates. This way you can compare the rates of at least a dozen travel agencies and figure out which one is offering the best rate. You should also check with your local travel agents as they often offer discounts and low rates to local customers. The average rate for a cheap package to Hawaii should be between $ 600 to $ 800, so if your destination is Hawaii, you should keep these figures in mind when looking for a package.

Factors Affecting the Package Rates:

Many people do not realize the fact that the rates of the same packages may change during different seasons every year. For instance, during the holiday seasons, a lot of people are planning their vacation which means that the rates of the hotels go up and so do that of the packages. So if you are hoping to find a great discount on the package, plan your vacation during the period other than the holiday season. This way you can get a good discount and enjoy your trip as the tourist spots will not be crowed at that time.

Opt For An All Inclusive Package:

It is best to opt for an all inclusive package as it will not only cost you less but will also make your trip hassle free. The all inclusive vacation packages even cover the rent of the car used during the vacation and breakfast is complimentary during the entire trip. So you end up saving a reasonable amount on complimentary breakfasts alone. Moreover, with an all inclusive package, everything has been preplanned and arranged in advance so there are no problems during the trip. Everyone needs a completely stress free vacation and with a well planned vacation package you can just relax and enjoy your time with the family.


Source by Rida F Fazal

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How To Find Cheap Flights To Multiple Destinations


Saving money when flying to multiple destinations is extremely important. The cost of multiple flights to many destinations, whether in more than one country or state, can be daunting. These 3 strong tips will help you ave the most money possible when confronted with having to purchase extra tickets.

  1. Compare one-way and round trip fares. Usually round trip plane tickets are the most economical, but in many cases one-way flights will be a better option. This is especially true when flying to many international destinations.
  2. Check alternate airports. You should check around and find alternative airports in and around the cities you are traveling to. This can lead to a little ground travel being required to get where you intended to go, but may help you save a bundle in the process.
  3. Check foreign versions of travel websites. If you are traveling internationally, then you will want to not only check the websites of your home country, but those sites from your destination countries. All major travel discount site and fare search engines will have foreign versions of their sites. Just make sure you take into account any money changing fees you might incur if you end up using a site from somewhere else.

These 3 tips will help you get the cheapest flights to multiple destinations. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always be flexible with your plans. This will not only help you save boatloads of cash, but will also help to keep your stress down during your travel periods.


Source by Henry Rustkirk

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