Volcanoes National Park is also popular as Parc National des Volcans which is a hub for the best tourism activities in the Republic of Rwanda. Volcanoes national park is perched in the Northern Part of Rwanda covering an area of about 160 sq. Km. Volcanoes National Park is among the major plant and wildlife protected areas in the 1920s which is almost the same as the Virunga National Park in DR. Congo and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda.

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Volcanoes national park, Virunga national park, and Mgahinga gorilla national park all together configure what is called the Virunga conservation region which aims at protecting the endangered giant mountain gorillas. The creation of Dian Fossey in Volcanoes national park in 1967 which led to the establishment of the Karisoke Research Center made more publicity for the Volcanoes national park and reduced the act of poaching. Dian Fossey’s efforts led to greater funding sources for the gorilla conservation programs that ensured the survival of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes National park is famous because of protecting endangered mountain gorillas, beautiful mountainous landscapes, lakes, green forests, rivers, and other sizeable populations of wildlife species which also makes volcanoes national park stand out. Volcanoes national park accommodates four major volcanoes which belong to the Virunga chained Volcanoes. These four Volcanoes include Mount Bisoke (3,711m), Mount Karisimbi (4,507m), Mount Gahinga (3,474m), Mount Sabinyo (3,634m) and Mount Muhabura (4,127m).

Besides hosting the 30% of the remaining endangered mountain gorilla population surviving in the wild, mountain gorillas mostly feed on bamboo shoots as well as the lower altitude vegetation cover, other endangered species surviving in Volcanoes national park within the lower altitudes such as the beautiful golden monkeys. Volcanoes national park also protects the clans of wild chimpanzees and other small primate species that call that park home. Larger mammal species in Volcanoes national park such as forest Elephants and buffaloes can also be spotted in small groups. Volcanoes national park also accommodates leopards, forest Hogs, bush pigs, Duikers, and Spotted Hyena. Volcanoes national park’s Bird watching has become so popular considering the high number of bird species present in the park, Volcanoes national park protects bird species such as Rwenzori Turaco and the beautiful Francolins.

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Volcanoes National park’s Tourists Attractions

Gorilla trekking experience is the major tourist activity in the volcanoes national park. Although, there are many other incredible ranges of tourist activities that potential travelers can choose from. Travelers can easily get spoiled for choice and may wish that they had more time to participate in all the activities within the Volcanoes National Park.  Volcanoes national park’s major tourist attractions include mountain gorilla trekking experience, golden monkey trekking, visiting the grave of Dian Fossey, Hiking the chained mountains, and a tour of the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. Take a look at these activities in more detail below.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking: Volcanoes National Park is among the 4 national parks in the world harboring the endangered mountain gorillas. The remaining three national parks protecting mountain gorillas include the Virunga in Congo, Mgahinga Gorilla, and Bwindi impenetrable in Uganda. There are higher chances to see mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda. Rwanda habituates over 10 mountain gorilla families that are available for trekking under the guidance of experienced and well-motivated park rangers.  It is important for travelers to note that they should be in good shape before planning on embarking on this activity since it has proven to be demanding depending on the location of the gorilla family you were assigned to.

Trackers can also hire the services of a porter who can help carry a piece of extra luggage at a cost of approximately $10- $15. Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking permits cost $1500 per person. The mountain gorilla trekking Permits can be acquired directly from the Rwanda Development Board or from a tour operator. Gorilla trekking dress code consists of long sleeve shirts, long trousers, rain jackets, hand gloves, and hiking boots.

Track Golden monkeys of Volcanoes:  Golden monkey trekking has been famous over the years and it is now second after watching the mountain gorillas. Spot the endangered golden monkeys feed, groom themselves, and swing on the bamboo tree, Golden monkey trekking at Volcanoes national park costs $100 per person. One golden family may consist of up to nearly 100 individuals and is normally led by a dominant male. Golden monkey trekking can happen before or after mountain gorilla trekking. Tracking the Golden Monkeys is less demanding than mountain gorilla trekking because golden monkeys don’t move to the high altitudes searching for fresh food like the mountain gorillas. Golden monkeys prefer to feed within the Bamboo shoots which normally grow along the base of the volcanoes. Golden monkey permits may also need to be booked prior but we recommend travelers make an early booking.

Visit Dian Fossey Tomb: Visiting the Dian Fossey gives you a clue about one of the world’s greatest primatologists. Because Dian Fossey’s courage and determination made the poaching of wild animals and the mountain gorillas greatly reduce in Volcanoes National Park. Without Dian Fossey’s efforts, mountain gorillas would not survive in the world. Dian Fossey is credited for the introduction of new ways of making mountain gorillas comfortable around the human presence through the inventiveness of the sounds which brings the gaining of acceptance and trust from the dominant silverback. Today thousands of visitors go there to pay homage to Dian the great conservationist by visiting the Karisoke Research Center and her graveyard which is situated between Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi.

Hike Mount Karisimbi Volcano: Mount Karisimbi is a Volcano standing at about 4,507m above the ground. Hiking Mount Karisimbi is among the top active tourist activities in Musanze. Mount Karisimbi Volcano is the fifth tallest mountain in Africa which requires mental and physical fitness in order to conquer the 2-day Mount Karisimbi hike.  Hiking Mount Karisimbi involves moving through the thick forests before reaching at an altitude of 3700m as the first stopover, rest and enjoy your overnight.  Hikers then continue hiking to the last steep section which starts in the morning and ends up at the peak. Mount Karisimbi summit offers great views of the Volcanoes National Park to its hikers, the whitened snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Mount Nyiragongo and all the remaining chained Virunga volcanoes.

Hike Mount Bisoke Volcano: Mount Bisoke is a Volcano that forms the wider Virunga chain of Mountains. Hiking Mount Bisoke only takes one day and is slightly easier compared to hiking Mount Karisimbi. However, hikers should be fit to complete hiking Mount Bisoke up to the summit. Mount Bisoke hiking permits are sold at $75 per person and like all other activities in volcanoes national park, every activity starts with a morning briefing at Volcanoes national park’s headquarters before heading out to the starting point.

Hike Mount Muhabura: Hiking Mount Muhabura is among the adventurous volcanoes to climb while planning to visit the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  Mount Muhabura stands at 4,127m, which makes it the third highest volcano among the Virunga ranges.  Hiking Mount Muhabura starts at 1200m height up to by the summit, travelers pass through the beautiful green forests.

Visit the Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera: After trekking, mountain Gorillas visit Rwanda’s Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. A boat trip in the deep waters of the twin lakes rewards travelers with the beautiful sounds from different bird species and the vast hilly landscape offering waterfalls.  Visit the twin lakes islands which give travelers time to mingle with Rwanda’s locals so that you can learn more about the rich heritage and culture which defines them from other tribes in Rwanda.

How to travel to Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park can be accessed from Kigali. The journey from Kigali international Airport to Volcanoes national park only takes two hours to reach Musanze District which is located in the Northern province of the countryside.  This implies that travelers can participate in mountain gorilla trekking in one day if they start traveling at 4 am from Kigali city. Travelers can as well use public means of transport to Gisenyi then Musanze from Kigali city and then again hire a private car which can take you to the park’s headquarter. But the best alternative is to use the services of a Tour company who will organize everything for you ranging from picking up from the airport and taking you to the Park Headquarters in Kinigi where the briefings for all the activities are done in Volcanoes national park. Travelers can also access Volcanoes national park from Uganda but he or she has to endure the long drive of approximately 10 hours from Entebbe or Kampala via Mbarara or Kisoro and finally cross the border then drive straight to Volcanoes national park.

What is the right time to visit the Volcanoes National Park?

Regardless of the activity, you have chosen to participate in at Volcanoes National Park, you should be sure to do it throughout the year. However, most travelers prefer to visit Volcanoes national park during the dry months. Rwanda’s drier months range between June to September and from December to February. This is the best period for mountain Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park because the slopes of the mountain are easier to hike. The wet months of March to May and then October to November receive heavy rainfall that makes the hiking trails slippery and muddy. Photographers and most nature lovers should visit volcanoes and national parks in the rainy season to view the lush scenery. The wet season is the best for bird-watching safari in the park when the migratory birds are also available. Mountain gorilla trekking can be combined with other activities in top other national parks in Rwanda.

Accommodation to stay near Volcanoes National Park

The accommodation facilities located around Volcanoes National Park are classified into three categories which are Luxury lodges, Mid-range lodges, and budget lodges. The choice of these hotels to select from depends on the travelers’ budget. The hotels around Volcanoes national park are of good quality regardless of the category you have chosen. These hotels also offer room services, a lounge, bar, a restaurant, and more. Let’s check some of the lodging facilities worth contacting near Volcanoes national park.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge: The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge has situated just 3km from the Volcanoes National Park headquarters and at the foothills of one of the chained Volcanoes. Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is managed and owned by SACOLA, a community Trust. Sabyinyo silverback lodge’s strategic location offers its residents an entire view of the beautiful ever-green farmlands and Virunga chained volcanoes towering from a distance. The lodge has a friendly staff that is available for service 24/7.  Sabyinyo Silverback lodge Other services include general sitting areas, spacious bedrooms, fireplaces, bathrooms, a general dining room, and a games room.

The Virunga hotel: The hotel is situated in the heart of Musanze and the journey from the Virunga hotel to Volcanoes national park only takes 15 minutes to the Park’s headquarters. The Virunga hotel offers 25 self-contained rooms which are furnished with bathrooms, 24/7 running water, free internet access, a fridge, satellite Tv, and telephone landlines.

La Palm Hotel: La Palm Hotel is categorized as a 3-star hotel providing a range of quality services which is affordable. La Palm hotel provides both local and international food. All meals can be served in your room on an order. The hotel’s bar is always fully stocked with varieties of drinks, soft and hard drinks. Other services being offered at the hotel include free Airport pickups & drop-offs, free WiFi, a room telephone, a large parking space, and two conference rooms.

Five Volcanoes Hotel: Five Volcanoes Hotel is a top luxurious accommodation facility that is located in a tranquil and peaceful environment in the Musanze district along the main road which leads to Kinigi. Five Volcanoes hotel

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Golden monkey trekking in Uganda

Golden monkey trekking is a unique tourist active activity that involves travelers moving into the tropical montane rainforest searching for the golden monkeys once golden monkeys are located travelers spend an hour with the golden monkeys in their natural jungle. Golden monkey trekking in Uganda is only carried out in Mgahinga gorilla national park which is situated in Kisoro district southwestern corner of Uganda.

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Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park begins early briefing in the morning regarding the rules, regulations, and expectations of the golden monkey trekking experience at the park’s headquarters. After the morning briefing travelers start their golden monkey trekking in the tropical forest with a well-trained tour guide and a park ranger following trails between the left-over bamboo shoots and fruits.

 Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga gorilla national park last from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on where the location of the golden monkeys because they tend to move from place to place searching for food.  Once golden monkeys are spotted travelers are permitted to stay with the golden monkeys for an hour in their natural wild as you monitor their way of life such as feeding processes, playing, fighting, and jumping on tree branches. During your golden monkey trekking experience, travelers can be able to view other unique primate species surviving in Mgahinga, bird species, plant species, and tree species among others. Travelers are allowed to take beautiful photos as well as record their wonderful moments with the golden monkeys.

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Besides the Golden monkey trekking experience, Mgahinga national park also provides a golden monkey habituation experience which is an adventurous tourist activity where the golden monkeys are well-trained to get used to human beings. The golden monkey habituation experience begins in the morning with a briefing just like the gorilla habituation experience at the park’s headquarters and once the golden monkeys are seen, travelers can be able to stay with the golden monkeys for four hours in their natural environment.

How much does a golden monkey trekking permit cost in Uganda?

A Uganda’s golden monkey trekking permit costs $ 60 per person trekking for foreign nonresidents, $60 per person for foreign residents, and 40,000 Ugx per person for East African citizens while a golden monkey habituation permit costs $100 per person for FNR, $100 per person for FR and 100,000 Ugx per person for East African citizens.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla national park

A golden monkey trekking experience permit for Uganda should be booked 6 months before your trekking date because these permits are competitively and can get sold quickly mostly in the dry season of June, July, and September and from December to February every year.

How travelers should book a golden monkey trekking permit for Uganda

Travelers have two options for booking their golden monkey trekking permit for Uganda for example a traveler can book their trekking permit directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority by contacting them via telephone calls or emails. The second option by book their golden monkey trekking permit through a trusted tour company like Devine African Safaris. When a traveler books with a tour operator like us, contact us with appropriate dates when you would prefer to trek golden monkeys. Then we purchase for you your golden monkey trekking permit on your behalf.

When is the right time to go for the golden monkey trekking in Uganda?

Golden monkey trekking in Uganda can be done throughout the year, although the best time a traveler should consider is during the dry months of June to September and from December, January and February because there are little or low rainfalls received which makes it the best period for golden monkey trekking since the trekking trails are passable, not slippery and muddy. During the dry season, the vegetations are thin which makes viewing golden monkeys easy and other wildlife species surviving in Mgahinga.

Accommodation facilities near Mgahinga national park

Mgahinga gorilla national park offers a number of lodging facilities where travelers can stay during their golden monkey trekking adventure. Mgahinga gorilla national park range from budget lodges, mid-range lodges and budget lodges including Mount Gahinga lodge, Kisoro tourist hotel, Amajambere lwacu camp, Mountain Gorilla safari hotel, Kisoro travelers rest hotel, Mount Gahinga rest camp, Countryside guesthouse Kisoro, Mgahinga safari lodge, Silverback safari lodge, Muhabura motel, Mubano hotel, Mucha hotel, and Montana guest house among others.

How to access Mgahinga gorilla national park for a golden monkey trekking experience?

Mgahinga National park can be approached with the use of road transport means where travelers are drive from Kampala or Entebbe via Masaka-Mbarara highway, Kabale- Kisoro, and then straight to Mgahinga gorilla nation park’s headquarters. The journey from Kampala or Entebbe may take approximately 9 – 10 hours in a 4×4 safari vehicle.

Mgahinga gorilla national park can also be reached by air transportation, where a traveler can book a scheduled or a domestic flight which operates from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip straight, these flights are conducted by Aero link Uganda from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Kihihi Airstrip or Kisoro airstrip then connect to your booked lodge with a short drive.  Scheduled flights to Mgahinga national park can be booked by your trusted tour company.

Golden monkey trekking is an amazing activity that can be joined with a mountain gorilla trekking experience of either Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga national and lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth national park and wildlife viewing.

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Must Know Travel Tips For Any Vacation


Planning a vacation is fun, exciting, your reward for all your hard work, time away with family, and so forth. However, a vacation can still have its problems unless you follow some simple tips. Do not get caught with hidden fees, extra costs you did not consider, airline issues, dirty lodgings, visiting destinations that do not suit your wants and desires, and other travel nightmares.

This article will help you watch out for problems that may arrise while planning & taking your trip.
This list could be endless, but we'll get started with some must know tips …

Research is key. Whether you hire a travel agent or book online, you must know where you are going, what the area is like / if it offers what you're looking for, where you want to stay, costs, where you can find information for tourists, and knowing how to book your trip to take advantage of every deal while not compromising your relaxation.

Take care of things at home. Make sure you not only plan your ultimate vacation, but pack appropriately, have your home life well guarded, have all the proper documentation, know where your money is coming from & for what (be careful with credit cards), and your health and safety are a priority. There is a lot to consider before you leave and checklists come in handy to ensure you do not forget anything and worry the whole trip. Make planning the trip fun and fit within your personality- plus get everyone involved.

Getting Deals. There are many ways to find a good deal for your trip. There are also thousands of travel sites some of which offer excellent information, reviews, and deals. Many are good many are not. What we suggest you do is set your price range and find what you want to spend. Just make sure you know what you are getting into. Great prices do not always mean horrible accommodations, but that depends on you. Plus a little negotiation on your part can get you upgrades and better accommodations, but you must ask. Other ways are to sign up for alert newsletters, look into clubs, check back at your favorite travel site frequently (ie you'll find prices may drop or rise within a few hours), use auction sites to bid for low ball prices, and please, please read all terms and conditions. Asking around at forums and reading reviews can make the decision easier also.

Another great tip is to be prepared with things to do while you wait in lines, long travel times, and down time. There will be plenty to do during the vacation, but when you travel to and from there can be delays, long road trips, and everyone has different likes. If you do not have certain items, buy them or borrow them. Life will be much easier this way and your trip will be enjoyable.

If you are not rich, like most of us, you'll need a budget. Be realistic about your spending ability and if you have to say no, then do so. I know you only get a vacation every so often, but using credit cards or going into debt will only make life more stressful when you return. This may delay your ability to go on the next vacation. Doing things like eating in sometimes and eating out sometimes is good, limiting major & expensive attractions or shopping- do only the musts, & picking a destination that fits into your budget and allows for the most fun. Focus on the things you want to do and lay down ground rules before you leave. Thinking of having a budget especially for your trip stinks, but if you plan accordingly it does not have to be a stress. We have had vacations where we spent very little money and had a better time than vacations when we spent a small fortune.

Honestly, this is just a start. Using checklists will work wonders and making the whole process fun will take a huge weight off your shoulders, just be realistic. You'll need to consider things like, where are we going, how are we getting there, where should we stay, what kinds of activities would we most like to do, what kind of money do we need to take, who will watch our home, what to pack, what special situations do we need to consider, where we can find the best deals, what travel tools do we need to take, how / what to pack, and more. There are sites out there dedicated to helping you have an excellent vacation so take advantage of them.


Source by Joe Collinsworth

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Discover the 7 Best Historic Places in Malaysia


Malaysia has many interesting and historical places that are well known in throughout the world. These places have always been visited by many tourists and travelers and are really amazed by their wonderful features.

Here are seven of the many historical places in Malaysia, a country that is truly Asia.

1. The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum – located in Malacca, Malaysia is a reconstructed palace of the Malacca's sultans. It symbolizes the history of the whole Malaccan region. The museum displays the region's collection of artifacts, prints, photographs, and different art works made by the residents of the community during the Melaka period. The palace museum is a three storey building with three galleries and a total of eight chambers presenting the royal weapons, bands, halls and the royal gifts. The museum was opened to public in July 1986 and has been a very famous Malaysian destination ever since. An ideal place for students having their educational field trips.

2. The Saint Paul Church in Malacca – built by the Portuguese in 1521, and is one of the five Portuguese made churches in the hill. It is located on the top of the Saint Paul's hill. Its ruins still remained to be a beautiful church and if visited by many tourists regularly.

3. The A Formosa Fortress – meaning "the famous" in Portuguese. This is built by the Portuguese during the 1500's and is the one of the best historical site in Malaysia. the fortress has been a big part of the Malaysian history and culture for it witnessed a lot of changes and came to the hand of many foreign evaders during the early eras. One can enjoy here the view of the monumental ruins of the ancient structures and have a glimpse of a true Malaysian history.

4. The Stadthuys – built in the year 1650 and was the official residence of the Dutch governors and other officers. The whole structure is of Dutch architecture designs and is a different look among the other Malaysian buildings. The place has mow become an Ethnography Museum and is open for public views. The museum displays the traditional bridal outfits, the remnants of the ancient Malaccan items and artifacts, and other historical materials. There are also houses around Stadthuys where locals live and stay.

5. The Bukit China – located in the northeast part of Malacca, is the oldest and largest Chinese cemetery outside China. There is a vast number of graves in Bukit, in roughly 12500, some even dates back in the 17th century. Many historical teams have been fascinated by the place and are one of the well known subjects in the history of Malaysia.

6. Kampung Kling Mosque – an old mosque in Malacca, Malaysia built in 18th century by the Indian Muslims. It has a Sumatran design with a wooden roof that is three-tiered. It is one of the well known historical sites in Malaysia and is a famous destination for many tourists.

7. The Cheng Hoon Teng – is a Buddhist temple located in Jalan, Tokong Malacca and is the oldest operating temple in Malaysia. The mosque is pretty spacious with an area of ​​4,600 square meters. It has numerous prayer halls and later added with small prayer quarters. It also has a seven meter long flag pole that is the most remarkable feature of the place. Many tourists and travelers have visited the place and were very mush astound with its remarkable and delightful features.


Source by Pinky Maniri

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Going on a Skiing Trip? Before You Go, Make Sure You Have Ski Insurance!


If your next vacation plan involves skiing, then you need to make sure you pick up some skin insurance before going. Skiing is a very fun sport, but unfortunately, it can be dangerous at times as well. There are obviously accidents that can happen unexpectedly, so you need to protect yourself and your family just in case something goes wrong.

A good ski insurance plan not only will protect you from accidents, but it can protect you against cancellations as well. You're undetected putting a lot of planning and effort into your trip, but if something happens to either delay or cancel your plans, then how are you going to deal with non-refundable plane tickets or hotel reservations? If you have a good ski insurance plan, then you will not have to worry about losing any money in the event of a cancellation.

The peace of mind alone is well worth the investment of ski insurance. You can continue with all of your plans without worrying any, and once you make it safely to the resort, you'll be able to enjoy the skiing completely. You'll know that, even if something does happen, you'll be able to contact the insurance company at anytime.

So where can you get ski insurance? The internet is filled with plenty of information. Sometimes travel agencies work directly with insurance companies, so you may be able to get your coverage when making your travel plans. You'll have some choices to make about the type of insurance coverage you want, and you should get one that offers the most coverage possible-even one that covers lost ski equipment.

Before you go on that ski trip, make sure you have ski insurance coverage. You'll be able to enjoy yourself a great deal by knowing that everything about your trip is insured. Likewise, if you do not obtain ski insurance, then the time may come when you will regret it. It's always best to stay safe than sorry.


Source by Nadav Snir

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How to Find Cheap Air Tickets


Family holidays are a great way for the family to bond as well as escape from the stresses of daily life. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for families to afford the rising costs of air travel. But it does not come cheap, but there are a few ways to make great savings if you know where to look. This will give you the chance to finally make the trip you have dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Find Online Deals – The internet is now the first place that most people look when searching for a cheap flight. Airlines all have their own websites these days, but there are also sites specifically dedicated to finding you the best deals. All you need to do is type in your dates (you can be flexible), your destination and how many people are traveling. It is then possible to sort the results from the cheapest first to make the largest savings.

Buying online will also save you money due to the fact that many airlines are cheaper online than offline. You will not have to pay travel agent fees and you will benefit from discounts only available online.

Fly On Weekdays – Most people fly on weekends when they do not have to work or when children are not at school, so many airline companies put their prices up to cash in on the fact that many people have no other choice. If you do the choice, flying midweek could save you money, as well as choosing to fly on the latest flight of the day.

Fly Off-Peak – Similar to the point above, airline companies put prices off at peak times such as when children are on a school break. If you can be flexible in your dates then try to book in advance for off-peak times. You can also try to return on Sundays to get back in time for Monday morning at school.

Return Packages – Buying return flights are often cheaper than buying separate single fares. Some airlines will bump up the prices when selling single fares so save money by finding one that offers a good return deal.

Research – This is something that not all families have time to do. However, a little research can mean huge savings. Check how flight prices change from day to day to make sure that you know where to go and when to buy your ticket. This need not take too much time, and will save you stress in the long run.

Different Airlines – Small airlines will often offer you great deals, and they can still be comfortable and enjoyable flights. Do not be sucked in to misleading advertising campaigns of the large companies and remember to give all airlines a try if they can end up saving you money.

These are the simplest methods by which you can hope to save money on your air travel. Plan ahead and you will be better positioned to spot the good deals when they do come up, letting you really enjoy your holiday.


Source by J Nolan

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Discount Travel and Overcoming Obstacles


Getting away from your cares and worries by traveling to exotic places is something every human being needs to experience. Studies show that vacations make employees more productive and happier. They make students more well adjusted and they are one of the best things you can do for your psychological health.

It's obvious that people love to travel and that vacations make us better people, so why do so many vacation dreams go unfulfilled? Almost any one you ask can tell you about their dream vacation. They know where they would go and what they would do, but something always seems to be holding them back.

What stops most people from taking their ultimate fantasy vacation is cost. International and domestic travel is not usually a cheap undertaking. You have to pay for travel to and from your destination, accommodations during your stay, food, and entertainment for the duration of your trip. The cost can and does add up and this is what most people cite as the main reason their fantasy does not become a reality.

New and better ways of doing business are changing things however. Internet technology is making travel much more affordable. Discount travel sites on the Internet are enabling vacationers on even the toughest budgets to finally take the trip of a lifetime. Discount travel sites are a great source of discount vacation packages, travel vouchers, discount cruises, and more.

If you really want to maximize your travel savings, there is yet another alternative. Discount travel sites are often part of a vacation club. The sites are run by individuals as separate businesses, but they are all a part of the larger club. Sales of the club's packages and products are rewarded with greater income for the site's proprietors. There are clubs that advertise up to 75 percent savings on vacation packages for their members.

Discount Travel Business Opportunities

This is an ideal way to turn your love of travel into something that can make you money as well. Discount travel site proprietors not only earn discounts as part of the club, but they also earn excellent revenues from their site's sales. The total compensation these entrepreneurs receive in income and discounts can be extremely high.

If money is the only thing standing between you and your vacation dream, then your goal is closer at hand than you think. Discount travel sites and vacation clubs are ready and willing to help you find the best vacation deals available anywhere. These are people who are passionate about travel, just like you, and have the skills and experience to get you to where you want to go, so start packing.


Source by Jeff Mills

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How to Find Low Cost Airport Taxi Service


While traveling to various places one can make use of various travel options like local buses and trains apart from many other public traveling means. Hiring a car or a taxi to the desired destination is becoming popular for the reason of time saving. How to find the cheap airport transfer service is the question that most people want answer for while traveling by air. The reason is not luxury alone but as life is becoming really fast, people are behaving more conscious towards saving time. All such reasons are allowing the cab services to become popular. One can look for economic airport cab services at the airport itself. These days the airport management has opened so many rental car services at the airport itself to ease its visiting passengers. These companies are not only secure and honest but also offer prices that are acceptable. Hiring a taxi at the airport will save a lot of time.

Many people who want to avoid the fuss of enquiry for taxi services usually book them in advance. There are so many taxi services available that work round the clock. Finding the best deal for ones requirement is easy by searching the various agencies that run these taxi services. One can make the comparison and fix the right kind of deal for them. It is also recommended to always inquire from these taxi agencies if they would be charging per kilometer traveled or will charge based on the destination. This will help people to find the best deal. How to find the affordable airport transfer service is one of those questions that people want to know mostly prior to their visit after all who does not want a safe travel. Even if people who are not booking their cabs in advance need not worry as many taxis are available on the airport and they are also a good deal as one can bargain with them as so many cabs are available there and it's a tough competition.

How to Find the low cost airport car service is the most important aspect however people must be aware about the taxi services that are honest and do not make a fool out of them. If one is making a visit to the same destination then one may always opt for the same taxi service as most of these taxi services do provide their regular customers with great discounts. Hiring a car becomes easy when one knows some of the basics on how and where a cheap car deal can be made.


Source by Talvinder Singh

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Discount Travel and Overcoming Obstacles


Getting away from your cares and worries by traveling to exotic places is something every human being needs to experience. Studies show that vacations make employees more productive and happier. They make students more well adjusted and they are one of the best things you can do for your psychological health.

It's obvious that people love to travel and that vacations make us better people, so why do so many vacation dreams go unfulfilled? Almost any one you ask can tell you about their dream vacation. They know where they would go and what they would do, but something always seems to be holding them back.

What stops most people from taking their ultimate fantasy vacation is cost. International and domestic travel is not usually a cheap undertaking. You have to pay for travel to and from your destination, accommodations during your stay, food, and entertainment for the duration of your trip. The cost can and does add up and this is what most people cite as the main reason their fantasy does not become a reality.

New and better ways of doing business are changing things however. Internet technology is making travel much more affordable. Discount travel sites on the Internet are enabling vacationers on even the toughest budgets to finally take the trip of a lifetime. Discount travel sites are a great source of discount vacation packages, travel vouchers, discount cruises, and more.

If you really want to maximize your travel savings, there is yet another alternative. Discount travel sites are often part of a vacation club. The sites are run by individuals as separate businesses, but they are all a part of the larger club. Sales of the club's packages and products are rewarded with greater income for the site's proprietors. There are clubs that advertise up to 75 percent savings on vacation packages for their members.

Discount Travel Business Opportunities

This is an ideal way to turn your love of travel into something that can make you money as well. Discount travel site proprietors not only earn discounts as part of the club, but they also earn excellent revenues from their site's sales. The total compensation these entrepreneurs receive in income and discounts can be extremely high.

If money is the only thing standing between you and your vacation dream, then your goal is closer at hand than you think. Discount travel sites and vacation clubs are ready and willing to help you find the best vacation deals available anywhere. These are people who are passionate about travel, just like you, and have the skills and experience to get you to where you want to go, so start packing.


Source by Jeff Mills

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Finding The Best Of The Web Design Agencies


There are certain qualities that are common among the best web design agencies. Whether you are looking for an agency to make a web site for you, or you are thinking about starting a web design agency of your own, you should pay close attention to these qualities. They could mean the difference between a successful experience and a poor experience. Of course, you only need to really deeply analyze agencies the first time you hire one. After that, you can go back to the same one you used before, since you already know what they are like, and have developed personal relationships.

First of all, a good web design agency should have a large array of previous work that they have done. They should also make it clear on their web site. Going to their site, you should see a huge list of web sites – real, commercial web sites that are currently in use. You can quickly click on all of these and browse through the work that the agency has done in the past. Not only should there be a lot of different sites, but each one should be unique. This shows that the agency has the ability to make diverse sites that truly reflect the company that they represent, rather than just cookie-cutter sites.

The diversity of the web sites reflects another positive quality of your designer, and that is the fact that they really communicate well with their clients. They get hired by a business, and they make every possible effort to find out exactly what the business stands for, and what they wish to accomplish with their web site. This becomes obvious when you see the final product. If possible, you should find feedback of the particular agency, and see if their previous clients mention anything about their cooperativeness, or their ability to work with the company to create a better site.

All of these qualities point to the overall ability of a web design agency to create a web site that satisfies the customers desires, as well as sell whatever product or service the company is offering. So if you are starting a web design agency, do everything you can to strive towards these ideals. And if you are looking for a web design agency to make a web site for your company, be sure to consider all of these factors when considering each prospect.


Source by Adrian Adams

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Is World Ventures Worth Checking Out or Should You Stay Away?


Seeing as that a common question that most people who are brand new to the MLM industry have when evaluating a potential company is "Is this a scam?", So I wanted to take a couple of hours to research a relative newcomer in the notorious multi -level marketing travel industry that has a lot of people wondering if it's a good opportunity or not. The company I reviewed is World Ventures, so here's what I found which I hope will help you in determining for yourself, "Is World Ventures a legitimate buiness opportunity or a scam?".

Too bad you paid for your whole seat, because you're only going to need the edge for this one …

Here are the most critical things to review with any network marketing company you're thinking about joining:

1. Does the company offer a real service and / or product?

2. Does the service or product provide real value to people even if they're not involved with the company as a representative? Simply, would people still buy it even if they did not earn a commission (We'll go over the World Ventures LTC and Dream Trips programs in-depth soon)?

This is the most critical part of any serious evaluation, and World Ventures is no exception because if the service or product does not hold up to scrutiny, than every other aspect of a network marketing like World Ventures does not matter.

Would you agree?

World Ventures travel products: Do they provide real value?

The Dream Trips product currently sells for a $ 199.95 fee up-front and $ 24.99 per month after that. The concept behind this product is the same as Costco or Sam's Club. They buy in bulk and their customer's get access to discounted vacation packages in exchange for their monthly membership fee. According to the World Ventures website, there are approximately 70 different trips for their members to choose from.

Are the travel packages worth it or are they a scam?

It would be very time-consuming to compare all of the vacation packages that are typically being offered by World Ventures to properly determine the value, but the few prices I recorded were actually pretty impressive when I compared them to some of the top online travel booking sites.

One vacation I compared was to Cabo San Lucas at the Riu Palace (yes, please!). For two adults, this vacation cost about $ 760 with World Ventures via the Dream Trips product and Travelocity was almost $ 200 more expensive at about $ 950.

Another comparison I ran was for a Jamaican vacation at the Grand Lido Braco resort. This trip for two adults was priced at about $ 890 through the Dream Trips product with World Ventures and Travelocity came in around $ 1050. So in these two examples at least, the savings were pretty substantial.

In the spirit of comparing "apples-to-apples", there were some more extravagant vacations listed that could not be easily compared due to the fact that they included extras that could not be purchased through some of the major travel sites, or they did not show the price unless you were a World Ventures customer.

Based on the numbers so far, it sounds like most World Ventures customers would recoup their Dream Trips membership cost with the money they'd save by booking their first vacation. Please keep in mind that this article is not an exhaustive Dateline NBC-type investigation since I only reviewed 2 of the nearly 70 Dream Trips to a major travel booking site, but based on the numbers so far, I think it's fair to say that people who take at least one good vacation per year would get a lot value out of their World Ventures membership.

The "World Ventures Scam" is looking unfounded so far …

World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant Package (LTC)

The World Ventures LTC package also sells for an up-front fee of $ 199.95 and $ 24.99 per after that. The best way to think about it would be as an online travel business-in-a-box. The start-up fee includes your own online retail travel website, web-based travel learning courses along with an exam, and opportunities for higher-level travel industry training. Cutting edge marketing training excluded, from what I can tell they give their LTC's many of the tools they'll need to build a thriving online business in the travel industry.

I was also extremely impressed by the Rovia search engine because, after using it for a while and seeing how it searches all the other major sites, I could see how World Ventures' claims of not needing to search multiple sites to get the best deal could be very true.

Speaking of getting the best price, they also have a "Match or Beat" price guarantee for online vacation bookings against Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz which could be a very positive marketing tool for someone who is working to build a network marketing with World Ventures.

Common claim of why World Ventures is a "scam": The World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant program is essentially a "travel agent card mill"?

Over the past 10 years or so, there have been a few MLM companies that have tried to take advantage of the undeniable fact that a rapidly growing amount of travel is booked through the internet. Unfortunately for their customers, these companies did not really provide much real value and left them with "a bone to pick" with the entire network marketing travel industry.

What these companies were doing was that they were selling a cheap plastic card to their customers that allowed people to get discounts as if they were licensed travel agents when they technically were not. This is where the term "card mills" came from.

It's kind of like those BS scam "courses" that are spoken in international waters where a school will issue you a college degree in an afternoon for a fee. Super, you got a piece of paper that says you're a qualified engineer in Kazakhstan. Very nice!

I'm happy to say that I did not see anything on their website or in their marketing materials which would show that they've gone this route with their Leisure Travel Consultant program. Actually, World Ventures went a step further and made it so that LTC's can not get this card until they've booked a standard number of travel sales along with completing additional training similar to offline agents must do.

It's important to keep in mind that the company's product is a discount based on their buying in bulk and not by giving everyone travel agent discount cards like some less-than-reputable network marketing travel companies have done in the past.

I hope this has helped provide some insight into World Ventures as a company and will help you figure out for yourself if it's a scam or not.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with World Ventures in an way and am providing unbiased information along with my opinion based on 10 years in the MLM industry.)


Source by Brian Rakowski

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Finding Cheap Travel Online


With airline fares increasing to rise, plus with the cost of going on vacation being in danger of increasing, hard working families can find it increasingly difficult to find affordable solutions. Cheap travel is essential to that much needed break, enabling you to get away from it all without having to worry about the cost. Fortunately, there are still plenty of cheap travel deals to be found online. By using the internet, you can find cheap travel solutions more easily than ever!

Online booking enable travel operators to cut out the middleman, making it possible to price travel much more cheaply. Making travel arrangements this way means that no-one has to pay for the high street offices or massive agency advertising which drive up the cost of travel. Online services can offer cheap travel to customers who are prepared to do some of the work themselves, for example by using search engines to find the cheap travel solutions which suit their requirements.

If you decide the destination and the routes you want to use to get there, you can use online services to find cheap travel options which are also a cheap solution for the provider. You'll probably also find that you enjoy having more control over managing your travel, with nobody giving you the hard sell or trying to persuade you that you might really prefer to travel somewhere else (probably at a higher cost).

The cheap travel solutions that can be found online can work in a number of ways. Sometimes travel is cheap because it has been beaten down to the basics – no-frills airlines are an example of this, and cheap accommodation solutions are often packaged alongside cheap travel. It's also possible to offer cheap travel options by targeting them at very specific customers, for instance by offering unusual cheap travel destinations which might not appeal to the mass market.

This means that you can enjoy cheap travel whilst doing something a little more unusual – there are many cheap travel options which can take you to exotic locations which are relatively undiscovered. Other online companies can offer cheap travel because website bookings can be made at the last minute, enabling them to fill up space on planes and in hotels which would otherwise be left empty (but would still cost their owners money). This means that internet booking can enable you to enjoy cheap travel even if you do not have much time in which to organize your vacation. This makes booking cheap travel online a practical option, considering that booking through traditional travel agencies at the last minute is usually far from a cheap option.

Cheap travel options are there for you on the internet, whether you're looking for a quiet city break by yourself or a family holiday in the sun. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cheap travel options that can be found online. You no longer have to worry about the costs of a vacation, thanks to the plethora of cheap travel options available to you on the internet.


Source by Val Johnson

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How to Find the Best Accommodation for Your Holidays in Croatia – Tourist Tips and Information


If you have chosen to visit Croatia for your holidays, then the next step would be to choose a perfect destination in this beautiful Mediterranean country. Dubrovnik is certainly one of the most famous representatives, but the islands of Hvar, Brac and Korcula or the towns of Trogir, Split, Makarska, Pula, Rovinj, Zadar are also very popular. Your choice of destination depends on the type of vacation you have chosen for yourself or your family, and the part of Croatia that you want to visit. All these destinations offer you different experiences, but the same accommodation facilities: hotels, private accommodation, hostels and villas, and it is completely up to you and your budget what you'll choose.

Croatia is a small country but its regions are so versatile that you will have trouble deciding which one to choose. They may all appear to be the same, but we strongly suggest you ask for more information from travel agents which destination would be perfect for you. You do not want to end up with your family in a 24/7 party zone, or if you're looking for a rich night life, you do not want to be located in a village with only one bar, which is a coffee bar, restaurant and cocktail bar all in one. Your accommodation is also very important, especially if it is not a hotel. All hotels have very accurate descriptions and picture galleries, and they are also very well described by their stars, but how to find a decent apartment when there is so little information? Most people renting accommodation in Croatia are private property owners and they have nice homes by the sea or in the countryside, with apartments for various numbers of people. These apartments in private homes can vary from standard to luxury ones, but if you're looking for a really exclusive experience of Croatia, then you should most definitely book accommodation in a Mediterranean villa. If you do not feel like spending your holidays in a stone house, find a modern villa which follows all latest technology trends, enjoy in its poolside and a view at the sea.

Croatia is still intact in most places, so now is the best time to come and visit its beautiful shores, enjoy in the countryside, or browse through its historical background while visiting the monuments dating all the way to the Roman Empire. If you plan to visit some other parts of Croatia like the capital of Zagreb or the plains of Slavonia, finding a private accommodation or a hotel will not be any problem, since Croatia is a country completely dedicated to tourism. Book your hotel in the center of Zagreb, cottage near the national park Plitvice, stone house or villa in the villages of Istria nad countryside of Croatia, or apartments with sea view on the Adriatic Coast. Whatever you choose, make sure you get all the details in advance and know exactly where you're staying, and what are the opportunities for beaches, clubs, restaurants and cultural sites near your accommodation. And even if your hotel, villa, hostel or private apartment is not as you have imagined, we are sure that the beauties of Croatia will leave the lasting impression which will make you come back for more.


Source by Mare C

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Ways to Save Money on Tickets and Hotel Bookings While Traveling Abroad


In continuation of our previous article wherein we had discussed various ways to save money while traveling abroad, here we discuss some of the ways how we can effectively book Air Travel tickets and do Hotel Bookings.

1) One of the ways to save money while booking your air travel tickets is – get quotations from a number of travel agents. Find out the best price option and then negotiate with that travel agent to get an even better price. Also, be on the lookout for best last minute travel deals. Such sort of offers can help you save money, as you can book your tickets at a good discount.

2) Try to make sure to have your meals and extra baggage included in the net priced of your air travel tickets. This will also save money for you as you do not have to pay any extra costs in the tickets.

3) In addition to looking out for best last minute travel deals, if possible, then try to get the flights booked around mealtimes. In this way, you get your lunch / dinner included in the price of your air travel tickets, and you can save some money. Also, there is no harm in asking for extra food on the plane.

4) One of the ways to save money while searching for accommodation is – Try to do online hotel booking. You can find a wide selection and options on the internet as compared to when you go the offline route through your travel agent. You can compare the prices and then do the booking. Further, check for independent hotel reviews, which are given by the travelers who have already stayed at these hotels. By going through these independent hotel reviews, you can have a fair idea of ​​the kind of accommodation and services which you can expect for your budget. After all, our aim is to save money, so it is better to spend some time on the internet to find out if the hotel is really asking for the correct price for its offered services.

5) Another important point among the ways to save money during online hotel booking is – while negotiating the price of the hotels, do make sure to negotiate with them the basic things like complimentary breakfast, internet facilities, and if possible, then complimentary pick up from the airport and drop off at the airport. Also, if it is an off season, then many airlines / travel agents can also offer best last minute travel deals on hotel packages in order to get confirmed clients. So, it is better to have regular updates from your travel agents and from the internet. Having this information can help you save money while traveling.

Here we have discussed some ways to save money on air travel tickets and hotel bookings. For more such articles, do visit & subscribe to our Blog.

I Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. Cheers …


Source by Rocky K. Kumar

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Five Top Ways to Find Perfect Travel Home Business


In the days when the travel industry is booming, everyone wants to have a piece of that trillion-dollar pie. Baby Boomers want to travel, retire with having more money, and help their kids financially. Baby Boomers have been looking for ways to create retirement plan, and some of them choose travel industry. Companies promoting travel discounts, travel agent programs, or just travel clubs are swiping the nation.

Among the dozens of travel business opportunities, what is the best way to choose the best travel business?

There are few tips I would love to give when you are searching for the best fit.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to build MLM business or direct sales business. It could be from a home-based travel agent program to selling timeshares or travel club memberships. MLM model takes time to build so you need to be prepared to dedicate your first 12 months to build the foundation. However, if you are looking for the way to get paid today, which I call it "GET PAID TODAY MODEL", then you need to look at the companies that offer commissions from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars and more.

Secondly, make sure the management team of the company has a good reputation in the business field, and also it is very important to remember that they do have travel professionals who will train you and assist you in becoming a travel agent professional. Ask questions about what kind of vendors that work with, what discounts travel agents get being with that particular company. Vendor Trainings are very vital in the travel agent business. Usually they are free, and it is best if they performed correctly in the comfort of your home.

The last question I would ask is the decisions you will receive. Make sure it is at least 60% of the booking fees. Also ask what percentage certain vendor pay to that particular company. Some vendors like Caribbean cruises pay 5-15% to the Travel Company and you get paid 60-70% out of that.

Third, find out what type of marketing they offer. Times changed and not many people want to do belly to belly networking. The technology allows now creating various pages, webinars, and online presentations to bring message to the audience. If you are an online person, you would not want to work with someone who does hotel meetings or home parties. You need to find the team that meets your goals and requirements and a sponsor who will guide and train you. Ask the person who introduced you to the business if you can attend the training calls, so you will know at what level of the professionalism it is done.

Fourth, make sure there is a value in what you do and offer to people. You are in the business of serving others and not ripping people off. Travel is exciting, and it attracts people of all ages. There is no convincing here. Anyone can do travel business if they love traveling. Also no matter how much the start up costs for your travel business, care about your prospects and show them you are interested in them. They might build you million-dollar business! Invest your time in others and help them because it will pay off in the long run.

At last, enjoy what you do. If you have passion toward travel business, then go for it.
Learn from the best, master your skills and become one of the best in your field. Travel is trillion dollars industry. Do you want a fat piece of it?


Source by Tatyana Gann

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A Puerto Princesa Package With Tours to Interesting Places Around the City


Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan, Philippines. Thousands of tourists travel to the city all year-round to see its beautiful islands and famous tourist spots. To visit the city, get a Puerto Princesa package from a registered Palawan travel agency.

A budget tour package from a registered Palawan travel agency may include tours to some of the most popular destinations in the city. Here is a list of interesting places you may want to visit during your trip.

St. Paul Subterranean River National Park

A Puerto Princesa package with an underground river tour will take you to St. Louis. Paul Mountain Range where the famous river is located. It is said to be one of the longest navigable river in the world.

The underground river has recently been included in the list of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It has also been recognized as Wetland of International Importance in July 2012.

After visiting St. Louis Paul Subterranean River National Park, you'll have your buffet lunch at Sabang beach. Depending on how early the underground river tour ends, you may have time to swim and bum around the beach.

Islands at Honda Bay

A Puerto Princesa package with Honda Bay island hopping tour will take you to some of the most beautiful islands of Palawan.

The drop off point for the tour is just about 10-20 minutes away from the city proper. The first island that is often visited is Pandan Island. Famous for its powdery white sand beach and clear waters, many tourists love to snorkel and get a tan in this island. Other places you may visit are LuLi Island, Cowrie Island and Starfish Island.

Pambato Reef is another site you will visit when you book a Puerto Princesa package with Honda Bay island hopping tour. This is a marine sanctuary that is maintained by the government. You have to listen to a short orientation about the reef before you will be allowed to snorkel.

Crocodile Farm

The city is a popular eco-tourism destination. The Crocodile Farm is at the top list of places to visit in the city. A Puerto Princesa package that includes a city tour lets you visit the farm and other interesting places around the city like Baker's Hill, Mitra's Ranch and Butterfly Garden.

The Crocodile Farm is home to endangered crocodile species such as the Philippine Freshwater Crocodile and Saltwater Crocodile. This is where you will also see the skeleton and skin of one of the largest crocodiles in the Philippines.

Get the best value for your money. Choose a Puerto Princesa package with tours to some of the notable places around the city.


Source by Aileen R.

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Hotel Booking – How Can You Save Money Via Online Hotel Booking?


Some websites make it their business to find low prices on goods and services. They may specialize in the field of hotel deals and advertise their specials in various ways. When a consumer notices an ad, they may click on it to see how much money they can save. Ads may be posted all over the web. Someone may notice an ad and click on it to find the deal that they need. In most cases a picture will accompany the service so that people know what they are paying for.

These hotel deals come from accommodation places that usually have too many empty rooms. In some cases, special deals will come available a few days before the travel deal. While there may be a few last minute deals, there will also be some great savings on bookings far into the calender year. These vacant rooms may be more frequent during off travel periods.

When someone decides to use a unique website to order their accommodations, they may be able to book right from the site. A code will be given to verify the information and provide the customer with a tracking code. Safe methods for payment across the internet will be available.

Reservations that are done online can be managed through phone calls, laptop or desktop. People can make their arrangements at work, during a commute or in the comfort of their homes. These arrangements can also be made anytime of the day or night.

When a person finds a website that he or she likes, they may use it again in the future for other savings and discounts. The site may offer a few different ways to save with products and services or they may have a specialty.

There are different ways to spend less cash when booking accommodations on the internet. People can save money through last minute discounts and through under booked hotel deals. Customers can book their room through a variety of online resources and tools.

Hotel booking – how can you save money via online hotel booking? There are plenty of ways to spot deals and take advantage of them. Once a bargain site is found, customers can use it repeatedly to find bargains and save money. Learning how to save money through online deals, can help someone travel in a smarter way. Saving cash can help someone take holidays more often, it can also help to provide more cash for shopping and recreational activities.


Source by Nancy Suez

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