Understanding the Differences there are Between Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine

The past few years of the 21st century have seen a rise in the popularity of alternative approaches to medicine and this is where we have met the disciplines of functional medicine and integrative medicine. As they are, these two particular alternative medicine approaches have really attracted the attention and have received acclaim and regards even by some of the well renowned medical practitioners all over the world. By the way, according to these global leaders in the field of medicine and healthcare, it is seen to be that the two alternative medicine disciplines, integrative and functional medicine, are the future of medicine going forward.

By and large, many physicians who have lauded these alternative medicine approaches, functional medicine and integrative medicine, are beginning to take a new cue when it comes to patient care and this is one that sees them have such an emphasis on the need to take such a holistic approach to the treatment of their patients and not just on the treatment of the disease presenting itself.

But in as much as functional medicine and integrative medicine have so many similarities and there is such a deal of an overlap between them, there are some few features that make the two unique in their own respect. This is just the reason why you need to know as much about these differences there are between them so as to know when to visit a functional medicine doctor and when to visit an integrative medicine practitioner for your needs. To learn more on when to visit a functional medicine doctor, see this post for the details. In the following part of this post, we will be taking a look at some of the basics that you need to know of when it comes to functional medicine and integrative medicine and these can adequately guide you to knowing when to visit a functional medicine doctor.

Generally speaking, when we come to functional medicine, this is a medical approach that assumes the very philosophy of integrated medicine and goes all the way to employ a rather systems-oriented medical approach which works toward the aim of identifying and laying bare the underlying causes of the disease that one may be suffering from. To know well enough when to visit a functional medicine doctor, consider such cases where one happens to be suffering from such conditions like the autoimmune conditions and the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Ideally, it can be said that some of the cases that would warrant and be when to visit a functional medicine doctor, think of such cases like where you may be afflicted by such conditions that call for such a personalized approach to medical care.