The use of the modern day computer is extended to each and every segment of human life. This has grown to become an integral part of every aspect of human life. Be it in the sphere of modern industrial and the commercial world or in the field of medicinal study; from economic research and stock markets to even sports and entertainment the contribution of the computer is magnanimous and equally significant for the growth and success of that sector.

But what is that makes the computer so useful in every case? How can a doctor or a medicine research student benefit from it in the same way as a sports trainer?

The answer to this would be the implementation of web applications in the computer that extends both across browser based applications as well as client based applications.

What are Web Applications?

The internet or the World Wide Web is a very important part of modern day life. We are just a click away from the rest of the world and this is all possible because of the presence of the internet applications that we have on our computer systems.

Let us take a look at the web applications that we use on a daily basis.

  1. Internet chatting is a web application that makes it possible for us to have our personalized ids created on the web based portals through which we connect ourselves to others on the same network.
  2. Video conferencing is a newer innovation where we can not only talk to someone in another part of the world but also see each other through the web application of an embedded camera within a PC or even an externally attached webcam.
  3. Emails are the first means of web applications that enable easy and swifter mode of communication through mails. Here too the id can be created with a web portal and mails sent to other on the same or any other portal id.
  4. Online editing is another example of custom application development whereby a user can edit information on the web from any computer at another place. There are similar access given in sites like Wikipedia and other knowledge based sites where people can give I their inputs.
  5. Custom application developments are also employed in case of blog and social networking sites where individual users can contribute their written material on their own from their computers that are placed in various locations around the world.

There are several software tools that are used in the development of various web applications and their individual instructions of usage. the importance of web application developments lie in the fact that without their innovations internet usage and internet interaction would not have been what it is today.

The several activities of our daily life like online browsing, shopping and booking of flight or travel tickets that we conduct by the click of the mouse has not only made the world a smaller place to live in but simplified our lives amidst hectic schedules and professional and personal commitments in life.


Source by Lewis Baker