Non-Teaching Jobs in Education that You Should Consider

As time goes by, more and more people are opting to go for other opportunities besides those provided by taking an education major. The shift was at 32% to 11% in 2018. As much as teaching is a rewarding job, it might be stressful and hence not for everyone. Luckily, here are non teaching jobs in schools you may put into consideration.

If you have lots of experience in the education industry, you will stand better chances of being a school administrator. Rather than handling the classroom as a teacher, you will get to manage the entire school. Securing the job entails pursuing an advanced degree and working towards getting outstanding grades. Administrators review the curriculum, manage budgets and personnel, and develop education policies. This is one of the best non-teaching jobs in schools.

If you are looking for more non-teaching jobs in schools, being a post-secondary education administrator might suit you. This career path is known for its flexibility and the many opportunities it brings; however, they mainly depend on the skills and attainments. You can apply in the administrative departments of individual colleges and academic departments to work in the admissions, registrar, or student services.

You can also choose to be an instructional coordinator. As an instructional coordinator, your task will be to come up with the teaching standards and checking out the curriculum of the schools within the schools in your district. After coming up with improved curriculum and teaching techniques, they are to work with teachers and administrators to ensure proper implementation. Having a master’s in education or any other area will help you get this job.

Some teachers have interest in seeing to the development of young people in areas other than academics. If you have such interests, a career path as a director of extracurricular activities will suit you. Examples of such non-teaching jobs in schools include camp directors and student activities coordinators. Your responsibility will be to help them learn to be responsible, practice teamwork and communication through the extracurricular activities.

If you want to be beneficial to the community in the same way as a teacher does, textbook writing and publishing is right for you. For you to make it as a textbook writer, it is essential to have an education major and have the passion for writing. Other than being a textbook writer, you can opt to be an editor, publisher or advance in journalism and write for academic papers or on education topics. At the same time, you can for a career in blogging; mainly educational ideas.

at times, you might complete your degree only to realize it does not suit you. Whichever the position you are in, it is advisable to put your life together as expenses will never end.