It's trash day!

Time to sort through your head for beliefs that have been hanging around in there since you were itty bitty.

Time to figure out whether the beliefs rattling around in your head are really working well for you, and if they continue to guide you in making good decisions in your life.
Perhaps some s'plaining … and an example of what I'm talking about …

I've been a professional in my community for over 20 years, and have done my share of business networking, become visible, reliable … profitable, and grow my business!

You know … by standing around in a room full of other professionals … trying not to look like a vulture … or inversely … trying not to look like a scared little bunny rabbit … and not get ateen by one of the vultures that surround you!

Several years ago a self-proclaimed networking "guru" told me in order to be successful in the business / professional world what I needed was a business suit and a good pair of heels!

So I tried that strategy for several years. I tried hard to believe I was someone other than who my gut told me I was, and all I can say is …

The business strategy not only did not work well for me, but I never felt in any way authentic while I was practicing it, and it resolved in bi-lateral bunion and hammer-toe surgery to repair the damage done to my feet by the heels !

And there's the key!

Authenticity …

Authentic definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary

not false or copied; genuine ; real


I am, in fact, a hippie from the sixties and my style is earthy, goddess, old crone … Babba Yaga … if you get my drift!

It is so, so, so important to stay true to who you are in how you live your life, and the decisions you make for yourself! And in order to do that, it's necessary to take stock of what you think about who you are and what fits for you so you can be authentically who you choose to be!

That requires being aware of the beliefs you habitually hold, weeding through them, and tossing out the ones that do not serve your needs and do not apply to you anymore!

What do you believe? Have you checked out quite what is roaming around upstairs in your thinking, an figured out whatever what you think and believe is congruent with who you are?
Time to take out the trash!

Coach Char


Source by Char Elle En