What to Look for in Bathroom Vessel Sinks

The typical bathroom style is but a thing of the past as more and more homeowners choose more contemporary styles for their bathroom. A lot of things are possible to transform your bathroom to a contemporary one. Most transformations involve renovating the entire bathroom; however, this is very expensive. For those who are out of budget yet but want to add something more modern to their bathrooms, then a vessel sink is a great option.

Vessel sinks as the latest trend in contemporary bathrooms. For these sinks, you can choose from a wide array of styles, materials, and colors. They bring an elegant look yet functional one to your bathroom. A vessel sink is positioned on top of your counter rather than being fit into the surface. Because of the innate contemporary look that vessel sinks offer, many people choose them whether they are constructing a new home or remodeling their present bathroom. You can choose from a wide array of bathroom vessel sinks these days. To make things easier for you, here is a guide to finding the perfect vessel sink for your bathroom.

The style of your home is the first thing that you need to look into when looking for a bathroom vessel sink. If you live in a modern house, you should choose a clean ceramic or colored vessel sink. You may choose swirled colors in a clear glass for glass vessel sinks and other colors to add a more modern and unique piece to your bathroom. You can also choose a white ceramic vessel sink that is smooth that will give a shiny finish and clean lines to your home. Going for stone vessel sinks or concrete basins is the best option for houses that are leaning more on the more classic, casual, or Victorian look. Choosing vessel sinks with Earth-toned material or glass is great for any home with a classic style.

What is equally important in the vessel sinks that you choose is their material. You can use many materials for your vessel sinks like stone, steel, wood, concrete, ceramic, and glass. With glass vessel sinks, they come in a good range of textures and colors, but they are difficult to keep clean. Stone sinks are easy to clean and durable, yet they are a bit expensive. In terms of appeal, steel and wood vessel sinks are beautiful, yet you need to do serious maintenance. Most classic ceramic vessel sinks are beautiful and easy to clean; however, they may not give the modern look and feel you want for your bathroom.

Lastly, ensure to secure the right accessories for the vessel sinks that you choose for your bathroom. With your vessel sink, make sure that you get a faucet that goes perfectly with it. There are many variants of faucets too like the wall-mounted ones and those mounted on the counter.

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