Steps Towards Making Your Home A Safer Place
We sometimes leave our homes unattended when busy at work, school or other errands. If nobody is watching the home, you need to have various measures to keep off burglars. Simply locking the door isn’t enough.
having security cameras in your home is one thing you need to ensure. These cameras always ensure that entrances to your home are monitored. Install them such that some are visible to those outside. When burglars note that there are cameras, they will not dare break in.
You also need to have multiple locks on your doors. If your doors have a single lock each, then you definitely have a security issue. It makes it easier for burglars to break in. Therefore, ensure you add multiple smart locks to your doors. connecting them to the Wi-Fi is vital so that you can always get notified in case of a break in attempt. The locks can as well be programmed to notify the police. see here.
Further, ensure to keep some lights on. This is one of the ways you can discourage break ins. With the lights on, they think that someone is present. If you are planning to be away, you can leave the lights on, in the living room and bedrooms. see here.
You also need to go for disguised safes. Be prepared as well since burglars could break in any moment. Most of the time, once they manage to get in, they will be looking for the safes. Get disguised safes. You can find disguised safes either in cans or bottles. see here.
It is also important that you install alarm systems in the home. It doesn’t matter how simple a home is, but it requires an alarm system. Anytime the burglars realize there is an alarm system, and they will not break into your home. Alternatively, you can make use of smart alarms to ensure that only you and the police get notified of an attempted break in. see here.
It is vital that you keep your keys far. With most of us, we decide to keep our spare key at a nearby hiding place so that we can use them in case we lose the keys. This creates a security problem. Burglars can spot where you hide the keys and use them to easily open the doors.
Always remember the windows. Sometimes we leave windows open. They can be an entry point for burglars. To avoid this, ensure you always lock them. Still, install alarms on the windows. see here.