How much good do you really think it does to wash your clothes in cold water? Do you really believe that looking for non-dyed paper bags instead of plastic is going to save this planet? Change your attitude first! Every day, goodhearted environmentalist waste their time preaching from a Green Bible. The world is not going to change its habits. To say that everyone doing a small bit will lead to a grand affect is ridiculous. If you want to make this planet a healthier, happier place, begin by looking inside of your mind. Check your attitude.

The planet is horribly polluted. China has rivers that are so toxic that to drink from them will surely give you cancer. Entire villages are falling dead and the government will do nothing about it. The American government is no different. The vast majority of world governments will never be any different. Embrace that fact! Stop acting like turning down your thermostat 2 ° is going to miraculously reverse the damage done to this planet. Stop acting like sending a letter to your esteemed congressman will make one bit of a difference. It's a waste of time.

There are some actions that you can take to make this world a better place. You have to begin by understanding what "this world" is. This world is a place in your mind. Your life will be exactly how you intend it to be. What you aspire for is exactly what you'll get. If you want the world to be a more environmentally-friendly place, then start with being friendly to your own immediate environment. Here are some pointers that will help inspire those around you:

Put your Green Bible away. Nobody wants to hear you preach to them. Inspire them instead through positive actions.

Lead your family and your neighbors with positive examples. Exercise. Be an example of health in your house and in your community. People who care about themselves inspire other people to care about themselves.

Stop eating fast food! America is fat. Obesity is running rampant. Sex roles have been confused. Both men and women need to start cooking at home more. Dining out is meant to be an occasional luxury – not an everyday destroyer of bodily systems.

Use that dirt that's sitting outside of your house to grow a garden. We all came from nature – not so long ago either. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best things that you can eat. Water-rich foods will increase your health and decrease the size of your butt. Would not that be nice?

Keep your home and your land clean. Pick up the trash. Rake the lawn. Clean up your porch. Let the domain in which you live become a representation of your clean thought patterns.

Stop driving everywhere. Try walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, roller skating or buying a scooter that gets 50 miles a gallon at a minimum.

Embrace Green technologies. There are emission-free airline flights available. Hybrid automotive technology has finally become "politically correct" – like it should have always been.

You do not have to be a caveman or Tarzan to hunt and fish. If you choose to ingest anything along water-rich foods – like vegetables – then try providing your own meat. Slaughterhouses are nothing but death factories for the weak in mind and spirit. Maybe if you had to provide your own meat, you'd consider eating more vegetables, tough guy.

Remember what it is to be compassionate. Remember what it is to be generous. Remember what it is to help others in need.

Are you getting the point yet? Stop isolating yourself in a self-indulgent world of pig-like living. Take pride in what you do – in everything that you do! Be a leader. Show others that there is a better way to live. Do not worry about the planet in its entity; look inside yourself. Look at a mirror. Save the details like the difference between 68 ° and 70 ° on your thermostat setting for after you have addressed your own personal issues.



Source by M Alan Roberts