The search redirect virus is a common infection which is spreading through Windows computers like wildfire. This virus is extremely annoying, and actually very difficult to remove. If you are continually getting your search engine links directed to websites other than the ones you want to look at, then the chances are that you have this virus on your PC. Fortunately, there’s now a very simple way to get rid of the virus – by using a simple and effective technique to remove its infectious files.

This virus (most commonly known as the “Google Redirect Virus”) works a lot differently than most infections, making it extremely difficult to remove using the popular antivirus programs out there. The problem is that instead of forcing a few malicious applications / files onto your system like most viruses, the search redirect infection basically just changes a few of the settings that Windows uses to handle any redirections on the Internet. This means that if you want to get rid of this infection, you need to be able to use a program or tool that’s going to be able to fix the various settings that are infected on your system – which is something that most antivirus programs will not be able to do.

The way to get rid of this virus is actually quite tricky, because it installs itself in such a unique way. The virus will essentially change the settings on your computer that handle the redirections online, meaning that each time your web browser has to handle a redirect, the virus will take you to a fake website. Most people see this when they click a search link, as Google / Yahoo / Bing send you through a series of natural redirects in order to ensure they can measure search metrics & click-through rates on their service. When you click a link on a search engine, you naturally get taken to a link on Google.com, or whatever the site is that you’re using, and then to your target website. You’re being redirected because the redirect virus you have will basically hijack this link and then send it to a false site.

To fix this virus, you cannot use a “traditional” antivirus tool, but instead should look at using a program called “ComboFix”. This is a simple program which will basically repair files that you tell it to – meaning that if you use the correct instructions, you’ll be able to get this program to remove the search redirect virus.


Source by Katie Martins