Rebounding – basically bouncing on a mini-trampoline – may be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to exercise. Men, women and children of varying degrees of athletic ability will benefit from using a mini-trampoline … a rebounder. No matter the specific conditions or goals of the exerciser, rebounding exercises add tremendous value to any fitness routine. There are numerous physical and mental rewards, but here are a few key benefits of rebounding:

  • Boosts immune system – Promotes lymph movement, which helps eliminate antigens, toxins and viruses … which causes future illness. We'll talk more about lymph down the road!
  • Burns fat efficiently by targeting the lymph system which removes toxins, and the fewer toxins you have, the faster your body will let go of fat cells.
  • Slows the aging process – Improves mental performance. People who rebound find that they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous.

A couple simple reasons that rebounding is reliably easy to incorporate in your life are:

  • Affordability – compared to most gym memberships, a rebounder is a solid investment (sold on Amazon for approximately $ 100) that will garner returns for years to come.
  • Stores easily – folds up compactly and some can slip into their own carry bag. No more unsightly treadmills hogging up space.
  • Convenience – Also, rebounding is easily integrated into any hectic lifestyle. Whether it's a 5-minute energy boost or a complete 75-minute workout, rebounding can be customized to anyone's needs and schedule.

Now, I enjoy doing my rebounding exercises while I catch up on American Idol. This is a genius solution to my "couch potato problem". It's never been my intention to sit on my butt for an evening evening, but … it happens. I know … It's so unhealthy! Lack of movement creates stagnation in the body and adds stress. We are mean to move, and we feel so much better when we do.

And now, a poem about rebounding …

I used to sit on the couch all night … despite what I knew to be right. Now, every time I watch TV … I pledge to take care of me. Nice and cheap and convenient too, using a rebounder is easy to do!

Okay that was obnoxious, but I mean every word. One last thing to note: Remember how fun it was to have someone bounce you on their knee when you were a kid? Well, this probably has not been officially tested, but I will suggest to you that rebounding is a similar fun experience. Rebounding exercises add pep to your step, rosiness to your shoulders and can make you feel like a kid all over again: buoyant, energetic and youthful … That's definitely worth a hundo.


Source by Nikki Day