Resale value is something to keep in mind when buying, or owning, a pool table. In a great deal of ways, a pool table can be related to a car in most cases. As soon as you drive that new car off the lot it depreciates in value tremendously. Same is true for your table in most cases. However, just because it depreciates doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a worthless after you buy it.

It’s important to mention that there are differences between the quality of each particular brand. Generally, you can distinguish them in two categories. Mass manufactured and domestic heirloom. Now, typically a mass manufactured table is a less quality cheap price product while a domestic heirloom would be a customized solid wood product.

Brand recognition does play a factor in the resale value at the domestic heirloom level. Most of the time, however, the more common the name the more common the table meaning the less you can get for it in the long run. This is only due to “popular” styles flooding the market. Something a little more brand recognized will still depreciate a great deal, but you are still going to get more than half your money back even with a “common” model.

The mass manufactured, or “import”, table typically depreciates by over 80% after the initial installation. Usually these models will need more work done on them before a realistic resale is proposed. On average, you can expect no more than $500 in the resale of one of these billiard tables.

When people go out to buy a used pool table, they trust the brand names over the others by huge margins. These tables are built to last. In most cases, the only thing they will need to pay for besides the table is the professional moving cost and maybe new pool table cloth.


Source by Benjamin L. Hancock