This article presents several tips that will help you get the most out of your next flight, whether domestic or international. Be sure to collect and / or print out the entire series of articles.

  • If you are a smoker, tough luck! Most flights prohibit smoking. More and more countries have built 'lighting up' in public areas. Try to quit before you travel. Alternately, make sure you stock up on nicotine patches and gum before you leave.
  • If you are tall, try to book your flight early and request a bulkhead or aisle seat. You will have more legroom. However, these seats are popular, and disappear quickly.
  • Many airlines will give you a consider fare discount if you are traveling to the funeral of a family member. Be sure to notify the air carrier about your circumstances when you book your ticket. They may ask you for details such as the name and phone number of the funeral home, and your relationship to the family member who has passed on.
  • If you fall ill before a flight, some air carriers will allow you to reschedule or cancel. However, you will need to document your illness via a letter from your physician, and there will be forms to complete. To be on the safe side, purchase travel cancellation insurance before you go.
  • Keep your seatbelt buckled in the aircraft the same way you would in your vehicle. (You do buckle up, right?) If your plane encounters heavy air pockets or inclement weather that buffets the aircraft, your ride will be much more comfortable.
  • Nobody likes to deal with the hassles of lost luggage. However, sometimes passengers are to blame because they leave old luggage tags on their bags. Be sure to remove ALL old tags before you fly.
  • Here is a cache-22 situation: airline water is notorious for carrying microorganisms that can adversely affect your health. Drinking bottled water is an alternative, but with liquid restrictions, you will have to check with your airline to see what they permit you to carry onboard. You may be able to purchase water or beverages from vending machines after you pass through security.
  • Make sure that your luggage and other belongings are completely under your control while you stand in line, eat in an airport restaurant, browse through the duty-free shop, etc. It only takes seconds for a thief to grab a valuable item if you are distracted for any reason. Wrap straps around your arms or legs or use your common sense to ensure that everything is in your sight and / or attached to your body.

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