Are you tired of the same old vacations? Visiting Grandma, amusement parks, or over crowded ‘hot spots’ getting boring and predictable? Did you know that one of the best family vacation spots is closer than you think? Take a virtual trip with me to The Great Smoky Mountains.

The Great Smoky Mountains are located mainly in Tennessee. Did you know that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the United States? Now, don’t let that scare you. With an enormous 520,408 acres of land, it is hard to feel crowded in this national beauty.

What is your pleasure? Are you and your family the adventurous type? Well this is the place for you! Imagine the beautiful sights you will see as you take a hike to the crest of a mountain. With over 800 miles of trails, you can take a different trail every time! How about a bicycle ride through Cades Cove? Or a horseback ride through over 400 miles of horse trails. Whether you want to go fishing or enjoy a backpacking camping trip, Great Smoky Mountains National Park has the perfect adventure for you.

Don’t feel like hiking? Take an auto tour! With an auto tour, you can see panoramic vistas, waterfalls, forests, and historical landmarks. Great Smoky Mountain National Park has almost 80 historic structures including houses, churches, schools, and mills. And they are all well preserved right in the park!

Want all the fun of the outdoors without all the sweat? Choose from eleven picnic areas to enjoy a nice basket of chicken and some cole slaw! When you’re full, walk it off while enjoying one of the many waterfalls in the park. Enjoy the wildflowers as you go, because Great Smoky National Park is known as ‘the wildflower national park!’ Although flowers bloom year round, the buds in the spring and the summer are simply exquisite!

Have you ever seen a deer or a bear up close? Well you can at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When you get there, you can even get tips on how to spot our wildlife friends.


Source by Lisa Dunn