If you play paintball on a regular basis then one of the biggest expenses behind all of the kit is going to be the paintballs. Because of this some people opt to purchase the cheapest paintballs they can get their hands on, while others are willing to buy the more expensive brands. So in this article I will outline for you the main differences between cheap and expensive paintballs, so you can decide for yourself what route you want to take.

As you would expect with the more expensive brands of paintballs the quality is higher and has been designed specifically with the paintball players and the game in mind. The more expensive brands of paintball tend to have more reliable shells which reduces the amount of paintballs that will explode in your gun barrel. The flight paths of the better paintballs also tend to be more accurate, because the shells tend to be more spherical meaning more hits against opposing players.

These superior features of the better paintballs are achieved through better quality control during manufacturing and also through the use of higher standards of material used during the manufacturing process. The higher standard of paint will result in brighter coloured paint markings, that are harder to rub off when you are in the field and hit an opposing player.

The cheaper paintballs tend to be less accurate and more prone to exploding in your markers barrels causing a dreaded barrel smoothie. They are also much more likely to be swollen or shrunk by drops in pressure or moisture in the atmosphere, which is likely to effect the performance of the paintball negatively.

So in conclusion if you opt for more expensive paintballs you will generally have a better more accurate paintballing experience, but like all good things you will have to pay a premium for it.


Source by Oliver Anye