Important Points That Someone Should Know About Bail Bonds

If someone is arrested because of a crime that they committed or they are being accused of committing one, the experience can be really difficult for someone. The good thing is that someone is usually innocent until proven guilty and in most cases a judge might allow you to be released until your trial begins. In order for you to be realized you have to assure the court that they can trust you and by that, you need to offer them a guarantee that you will be back when needed to. When you are given a bond, it is a must for you to pay the court money as this is usually like a security that you will certainly be back. The bond is set during a trial that is known as a bail hearing this is where a judge will meet with the defendant. It is important for you to know that there are usually different types of bail bonds, for example, a secured bond or a property bond. The type of bond you will be given will be determined by your finances. If you do not have money and someone else, for example, your parents are the ones that will be posting bill for you, then they are considered by the courts as surety, and it is must for the courts to check how financially stable they are.

If a surety is the one that is going to pay the bill bond then they ought to be present during the bail hearing. The defendant and the surety usually have a couple of things that they should do, and the judge usually informs them during the bail verdict. If the accused does not follow the responsibilities they were given by the court, then their bail can be revoked, and they will be arrested again. It is important for the surety to be certain that the defendant will always attend the court hearings before they pay for their bill. Most of the times you might find yourself in a situation whereby you don’t have money in cash, but if you have a certified check then you should know that you can pay the bill using it. Always ensure that immediately you pay the money you keep the receipt that you will be handed over because this will be proof that you paid the money and it is what you will show the court when asking for the refund. Keep in mind that getting your money back does not happen automatically, and it is the responsibility of the attorney to file a motion so that the judge can grant it.

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