The timeshare resale market is a tough nut to crack. Everyone is online trying to unload their timeshare. If you’ve browsed the web at all, you’re going to find any number of timeshare listing companies. It’s hard navigating the plethora of options. Here is a list of just some of the few sites to visit when looking to sell your timeshare:


With more than one million registered users, RedWeek.com is one of the most trusted timeshare resale companies on the web. Membership is also extremely cheap at just $14.99 plus an additional fee for rents and sales made through the site. The site has a lot of offer potential sellers, including rental and sales options that are per night or per week. With an easy-to-navigate design, RedWeek is one of the more accessible sites available for selling your timeshare.


This one is pretty obvious, but eBay has been a consistent earner and deliverer for years. Their site is easy enough to use. You create an account via PayPal and take the payments over your account. You will pay a fee to list your timeshare per day, but the fees on eBay can end up being a lot cheaper than some other sites on the web. The other good thing about eBay is that it allows for bidding on timeshares. This can usually net you a better return than asking for a single, set price on another resale site. eBay also has the added bonus of being able to create unique ads that will draw you more bids.


This site offers a wealth of information, including information on buying, selling, and renting timeshares. Its dedication to a quick, easy and safe transaction puts it at the top of the list. They also charge a fee to use their services, but the fees are minimal if you are able to close a deal. For a seller, the site’s legitimacy is a great way to start the sales process and know that you will be talking to real potential buyers.


Don’t knock Craigslist. People every day get jobs via Craigslist for substantial pay. Even with some negative press in the media recently, Craigslist remains a trusted site. Remember that when conducting timeshare resales via Craigslist, you’re going to want to have all your legal paperwork in order. Craigslist will allow you to put your timeshare on the market and to potential buyers, free of charge. It’s zero cost is Craig’s best virtue. When thinking about doing deals over Craigslist, its important to trust the person you’re doing business with. As long as the contracts are legitimate, a signature is a signature, and the deed will be transferred. Meet in a safe location, talk on the phone, and you could easily wind up saving hundreds that you would have spent on other sites.


The site promises no listing fees and an end to maintenance fees. Their quickest turnaround on sales is 60 days. The site pays you to give up your timeshare. While it is not exactly the same as a resale site, the company guarantees a safe and secure transfer of your timeshare and promises cash on the side. For those looking for a quick out, this is a go to site.


This site offers a free hotline number that will guide you through the process of selling your timeshare. There are great articles to view, including timeshare promotions, how to buy a timeshare, the nine myths about timeshares, and strategies for selling a timeshare. There are lists of top timeshare resorts and places to buy timeshares. The company offers a secure place to sell your timeshare, and for the fees associated with the sale, makes it one of the bargains on the market.


Source by Tracie Newcastle