A Guide to Parking Pay Stations

The modern parking lots today no longer use humans for collecting payments but instead there are pay stations where you can pay for your time of parking. There are parking lots today with barrier gates and some without barriers gates but with pay stations of their own. There are many types of parking pay stations with or without gates and you can find out about them below.

The first type of parking pay stations is parking without barrier gates. There are many different ways of paying for parking in a pay station on a lot with no barrier gates. The pay and display, pay by license, or pay by space are the options that you can use for paying in a pay station with no barrier gates. Since there are no barrier gates, you simply enter, park and pay for the amount of time you are letting your vehicle park in the space. The pay and display option requires you to display your receipt on your car dashboard so that the parking enforcement office can check it for violations.

You can also choose to pay by space. Here you need to enter the space number that you have selected and pay for the amount of time you will be using the space. Parking enforcement officers usually print valid space of empty space reports to compare to the vehicle parked in the lot. On the internet or on parking citation writers, these reports can easily be viewed.

Similarly for pay by license, you enter the license plate of your car and pay the appropriate amount. In order to check the validity of the license, the parking enforcement office can check online or in printed reports.

In the parking pay station with barrier gates, the parking lot gates control the entering and exiting in the parking lot. One option for gated parking lots is the flat rate payment system. When you enter the parking lot, you can pay or you can pay when you exit the lot. This type of payment system does not consider the amount of time you will be parking your vehicle in the lot.

You can also find the full featured parking system in a gate parking lot. This is a time based parking payment system. Tickets are given when you enter the lot and the payment is required upon exit. The payment is based on the amount of time you use the parking space. In some parking lots you have walk-up machine where you make payments and the gate will automatically open. Or some systems allow payment at the exit gate. Machine accept payment using credit cards, EMV, bills and coins upon exit. If you have change for your cash, then this will also be issued.

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