Searching for a scholarship is only the first half of the process. After that you need to apply for the scholarship that you wish to win. There are many organizations that give international travel grants that help the grantee on saving some money. The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting gives travel grants to cover the hard cost of international traveling.

The ideal projects for which travel grants are given are print, photography, radio and video. This organization funds international travel grants associated with reporting projects on topic with an emphasis on the issues that have gone unreported or underreported in the mainstream American media.

The amount of the travel grant that the individual can get depends on the project. The range of the grant money amounts from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000. Depending upon the specific project it can also amount up to $ 20,000.

Once the project is approved, half of the grant money is generally paid before the travel and the remaining is paid once the principal material of publication or broadcast is submitted. The grant is awarded to journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers or film makers and sometimes even free-lancers of any nationality are eligible for the grant.

To apply for the grant you need to do that online first. If you have produced a hard copy of the proposal, you still need to send it to them electronically, otherwise the proposal would not even be considered. The applicant must have a good knowledge of English and the application must be written in English.

The proposed project should be described, including the distributing plan in the body of the mail and it should be in and about 250 words. There should be a preliminary budget is estimated that includes a basic breakdown of costs. The travel grants cover all kinds of hard cost that are associated with the reporting.

The applicable should provide link samples of work if they are available online. The applicant should attach three professional references. These references can be either contact information or they can also be letters of recommendations. The letters are encouragement when they are from interested producers or editors.


Source by Laura Altbrite