Flying from Singapore to Toronto, Canada, is one of the longest air routes out of Singapore. There are numerous flights you can take that will connect you from Singapore to Toronto. However many of the flights available require you to transit more than one time, and therefore your journey can be as long as 30 hours! Therefore after flying on many different airlines and testing their different routes from Singapore to Toronto, I have found that there is only one airline that has the best flying route in terms of the shortest time, and the best air ticket price.

The airline that I found that was the best to take from Singapore to Toronto is Cathay Pacific Airlines. This flight would be flying out from Singapore and transiting only once in Hong Kong, from where you will fly direct non-stop to Toronto.

The entire journey with Cathay Pacific to Toronto take approximately 22 to 23 hours, which is just under 1 day’s worth of travelling! This is much better when compared with the 30 hours of travelling with United Airlines in which you need to transit twice (one in Tokyo, and the other in Chicago).

Another great thing about Cathay Pacific is that there are over 8 flights daily from Singapore to Hong Kong, therefore making the selection process much more flexible. In addition, most of the times, they will allow you to stop over in Hong Kong, should you want that quick trip in between to explore Hong Kong for a few days. Even simply transiting in Hong Kong is quite a pleasant experience, as Hong Kong’s International airport is packed with eateries, and shopping arcades.

Once you transit in Hong Kong and switched to the connecting flight to Toronto, you will be pleased to know that the plane is a brand new Boeing 777 aircraft in which the interior offers you spacious economy seating and with superior selection of in-flight entertainment. Furthermore service in Cathay Pacific is quite good, especially if you compare it to the North American airline companies, such as Air Canada and United Airlines.

Pricing wise, it should cost about $S 2500 – $S 3000 (Singapore dollars – depending on whether it is peak or low season) for a round trip from Singapore to Toronto. When you compare it with United Airlines, it maybe a few hundred dollars more expensive, but when you take into account the savings you will get in terms of travel time, then investing a few extra dollars maybe well worth it.

Flying on Cathay Pacific is probably one of the most convenient airlines to take if you plan on flying from Singapore to Toronto. Based on my research, this is the only airline that has the least transits needed.


Source by Alec Chan