Many women complain that after a few years into their marriage, their husband has low or no sex drive. This is an awful situation, and it brings up terrible feelings of shame, loneliness, and fear of the future. It also initiates doubts as to whether or not you husband still loves you or is still attracted to you. Many women fear that this means that their husband is having an affair.

A husband's loss of sex drive often begins after a few years of marriage. It may even start after the birth of a child. Why does this happen? It happens because couples tend to fall into a bedroom routine which makes lovemaking be boring. You must remember how it was when you and your husband first started having sex: trying out new positions, never having enough of one another, always discovering new things. Gradually, most couples fall into a routine. This is a dreadful mistake, as passion is enhanced by novelty or the unexplored.

What can you do about it?

If you choose to discuss this with your husband, you should do this carefully as a lot of men will not talk about their low sex drive because this is deemed unmanly. If your husband is open to discussion, you can go to see a sex therapist or a counselor and discuss what is troubling you. This should occur only after you tried working things out by yourself.

If you feel that your husband would not want to discuss this with you or with a professional, it's up to you to bring back the passion and excitement into your sex life. This can be done easily by incorporating new things into your foreplay and actual lovemaking. You would not believe how a few simple changes can lead to a renewed sex drive and great sex for both of you. But do not be afraid to initiate. It's up to you to sustain your marriage.

Whatever you choose to do, know that this is a condition which can be corrected easily. It is up to you.


Source by Lucy Doyle