Here in South Carolina, we can have some brutal hot summer months, as well as those chilling winter months. Without the proper heating and air unit, as well as technicians, those months can make life miserable in your home, as well as an office space. Whatever type of heating / air you have, it can be a very complex system. Although it is designed to always work efficiently, after some time of wear and tear, it can easily break down and need a system repair.

Some of the more common problems associated with heating and air systems are as follows: pilot lights, hot and cold spots, mold on vents, air ducts and air duct maintenance.

Pilot lights can be tricky. If you have a gas-burning system, then you have a pilot light. Newer, more modern systems have electronic ignition that will fire up when the heat is turned on. The older models may still have pilot lights that need to be lit in preparation for the winter. Instead of trying to light this yourself, why not try calling your heating and air provider?

Have you experienced mysterious temperature changes in certain parts of your home? Although the common solution is to blame ghosts or other phenomena, there are several causes to these sudden temperature drops / increases. Ask yourself these questions: Is your HVAC unit properly sized for the space being heated or cooled? How many vents do you have and where are they placed? Are your insulation levels adequate? These and more could be the cause of the changes in your home.

Mold on your HVAC vents is another common problem with heating and air systems. If you've noticed this in your home, you need to take action immediately. This is a common problem, and absolutely does not mean you're a bad housekeeper, but instead simply means that these areas have excess moisture perfect for breeding spores.

Although it may seem like a big investment, spending a little more money on a heating and air conditioning unit is one that will pay off in the long run as far as lower energy costs, less upkeep, and even a higher level of comfort. However, this is only part of the solution. In order to fully invest, you have to make sure that your ductwork is well thought out, as well as maintained for the future.

These problems, as well as other common problems can be the cause of severe discomfort during the Carolina weather changes. Having the right heating and air technicians can make or break you in times of stress and need.


Source by Elyssa R Parnell