I do not know about you, but I would love to be a world traveler and learn just how to travel cheap. However, I would not want to trade a good time for low prices. Here are a few examples of very bad travel experiences from different airline customers.

How about flight delays? One customer had 2 out of 3 flights delayed for more than an hour by an airline. One was a 3-hour delay and caused her to miss the connecting flght which ended up being 3 hours late anyway. The next flight out was not for 24 hours so they were stuck.

Next was a couple flying from Boston to Philadelphia to make a connecting flight. The carrier could not get the baggage handlers to load their plane, they were hours late, and could not get a connecting flight to Italy for 2 days. On top of that they had small children with them and ended up having to take a $ 95 cab ride to a local family member's house. Luckily they had relatives in town! Yes they may have taken steps on how to travel cheap, but is this hassle worth it?

Another gentleman got on the plane on time but once the airplane was loaded, all the passengers were asked to get back off. This was during the winter in South Dakota, and apparently one of the engines would not start. The announcement was simply that the plane did not like cold weather! This is not a thing you want to hear in the middle of such a cold area. This particular customer then had to travel to another airport where they again experienced another long wait due to the cold. They finally were able to take off to their destination (Florida, thank goodness!).

Coincidentally, these passengers all employed methods of how to travel cheap when they purchased their tickets. I would not say that the inexpensive airfare prices were the cause of their problems, but they do provide a bit of comic relief nonetheless.


Source by Terrie Bryan