Finding cheap air tickets can be a difficult task. There are so many places to search, so many travel websites to browse, and sometimes you just do not know if you are getting a deal or not. Therefore you need to know some simple rules to apply to give you extra confidence that you know that you will be getting a good price on your next flight.

One of the key rules in how to get cheap flights is to know exactly what day of the week to book for your flight's departure.

The first step is to screen through the websites for those flight operators that cover the location which you wish to travel to. After that, you join their mailing list so that you get to hear about all of the deals that they are currently offering.

Next is to look for flights leaving on Monday to Thursday. As a general rule, the best deals are available for flights leaving Monday to Thursday as these are considered "low peaks" in demand during the week. Also in some cases, on domestic flights many bargains can be found on a Saturday. Travelers will usually pay more for a Friday or Sunday flight.

Most holiday operators will offer the best deals for those who purchase a set time in advance, normally at least 14 days. The earlier the better, if you purchase it even earlier, let's say 6 months in advanced, then it will most likely be much cheaper.

Another item to consider is also on the time of day that you plan to depart. Usually a further premium is usually placed on 'nice' flight times, for example ones that will not involve a particularly early start or involve traveling over night. Therefore if you are prepared to compromise slowly on your flight times, you may find that you can gain some additional savings in your overall flight ticket price.

Lastly you need to be aware of the time of year you are planning to travel and if it is during a holiday season. Usually during holiday seasons, such as Christmas break, summer break, and school breaks, you will see a huge demand in air travel, therefore the prices may increase.

Therefore in order to get the cheapest airplane ticket, you can try to depart on dates that do not coincide with any major holidays. However if you still insist that you must travel during the holiday seasons, then it is recommended to book well in advance, at least 6 months from the date you plan to take that flight.

If you apply this simple concept on flight days and timings, then you can ensure that you are at least going to get savings purely on the fact you chose the correct timing. It takes a bit of perseverance and effort to do the research from the various travel booking websites, but at the end it will pay off when you get huge savings with the added assurance that you got the best deal as possible on your airplane ticket.


Source by Alec Chan