Saving money when flying to multiple destinations is extremely important. The cost of multiple flights to many destinations, whether in more than one country or state, can be daunting. These 3 strong tips will help you ave the most money possible when confronted with having to purchase extra tickets.

  1. Compare one-way and round trip fares. Usually round trip plane tickets are the most economical, but in many cases one-way flights will be a better option. This is especially true when flying to many international destinations.
  2. Check alternate airports. You should check around and find alternative airports in and around the cities you are traveling to. This can lead to a little ground travel being required to get where you intended to go, but may help you save a bundle in the process.
  3. Check foreign versions of travel websites. If you are traveling internationally, then you will want to not only check the websites of your home country, but those sites from your destination countries. All major travel discount site and fare search engines will have foreign versions of their sites. Just make sure you take into account any money changing fees you might incur if you end up using a site from somewhere else.

These 3 tips will help you get the cheapest flights to multiple destinations. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always be flexible with your plans. This will not only help you save boatloads of cash, but will also help to keep your stress down during your travel periods.


Source by Henry Rustkirk