Are you looking for great deals on plane tickets, but do not know how to get the deals that you want? Well I am here to show you that you have a way to save hundreds on each flight, and if you listen to what I am about to tell you then you will be able to save a ton of money on your next flight!

1. The first thing that you need to do is see what times flights are arriving and leaving for your destination. This is going to be a key indicator in how well you can use this particular tip. If you can get a flight that leaves at an odd hour then you will be able to get a great deal by negotiating with the airline.

2. Another great method for travelers to save a ton of money and get great deals on plane tickets is to contact the airlines directly. This is a method that most travelers do not think of, but it works very well if you do it at the right time. The best time is just after midnight, right when the systems have just been updated and the new deals are available.

3. The third tip is the best one, and the one I have used to get amazing deals on airline travel. If you know someone on the inside, then you will be able to get great deals on any flight. A former employee can give you all of the information that you need if they are willing, and I have found one who is. You can get access to the same resources that I have!


Source by John Tellano