Efficiency in service businesses, which use vehicles, is very important, especially in the current period and paradigm of fuel prices and traffic congestion. Smart companies which need to prevent accidents, improve routing and avoid log-jams in the daily traffic are well advised to buy and install sophisticated GPS technologies for their vehicles.

There are many companies offering such technologies and one needs to do a little research to pick the one best for them. In my company currently we have a system we have designed which integrates GPS vehicles tracking with our scheduling and order systems software and we are quite pleased with the results.

A lot of thought went into our system and since so many other companies need this too, it seems we should be generous and offer this information to other service companies. Here is some information to think on.



I sincerely hope this information is of value to you in your service company. You need to check out all the different GPS manufacturers out there so you can learn what would work best for your company and how you can stay efficient. Today with $3.00 per gallon fuel prices you can see the problems, just imagine in the future. Traffic is also at an all time high and many of our roads and highways are in a state of disrepair and even with the $287 Billion Transportation bill it will be a while until we have smooth flow even on our Interstates. Today we deal with disrepair, tomorrow with construction zones and weather issues. Think on this and go GPS today, you will be glad you did.


Source by Lance Winslow