Package holidays and affiliate websites, either love them or hate them, but if you think about the concept they can actually save you money and help you get the best deal.

Hers how, most affiliate web site are nothing fancy, the just display holidays from the marketers template or pre-built page, it's the package holidays marketing companies that can get you the best deal.

Firstly we need to think about how the holiday marketers system can benefit us.

A good holiday marketer's system will consist of a database that all the top tour operators can post their holidays to, meaning the holiday affiliates who go after specific holiday locations such as "package holidays to Costa del sol" will show you the cheapest holidays from 6 , 7,8 or even more companies.

Can you see how powerful this can be.

This is how affiliate holiday web sites can save you a fortune by listing the top deals from all these companies by price, star ratting or even board type.

I book my holidays through them every year.

However, there is always the problem of keeping yourself safe, as there are many companies who are not so trustworthy, so what do you do here.

By following a couple of top tips, you can protect yourself: –

. Always use a debit card such as visa / MasterCard etc
. Always look for an ABTA number from the sites booking agent, may not always be the site.
. It's good to check the booking agents reviews on your favorite search engine eg type in the name of the booking agent then type review to see what you come up with.

I do these checks every year, if the website has a holiday I think looks good for me, I book it.

Also good to note, if the booking agent has a phone number as you can ask about things of interest such evening entertainment for kids or kids clubs.

One of the problems you may have while holiday hunting on affiliate websites is that the holidays submitted by the Tour operators may not always be too far in advance, only about three or so months.

As I always leave holiday hunting to more or less the last couple of months as I feel the prices are at there best, especially with the credit crunch.

Here's an example Im the best man later this year for my brothers wedding, so I thought I would try a couple of travel agents in January, you know the bricks and mortar high street type, they wanted to charge me £ 650 per person to fly to Magaluf for a week with the lads for a stag week.

I hung back to March and apparently holidays to Spain have dropped as much as 24% according to press articles.

So I checked an affiliate website to see the price had dropped to £ 420 per person, how glad am I that I hung back, however, I will hang back a bit longer to see how much the price still drops.

I know Im taking a chance here, but I see 4 or 5 holiday companies on the affiliate site and I price watch them, so if one company starts to go back up, I buy my holiday then.

I guess if they all go up at once, I missed out, to be fair I've not missed out yet, give it a try, even if you do not buy, it's a good way to kill 20 mins a night, and you may even save money one day.


Source by David Armstong