Getting the Most Out of Your Yearly Membership

When you buy a membership to a resort, you may not entirely appreciate at first all of the amenities available to you. You know of course that you can play golf during the times that the course is open. Depending on the membership you choose, you also may be entitled to extras like golf cart rentals and early tee times.


However, your membership may get you more than just a few rounds of golf whenever you feel like playing. By visiting the website, you can find out more about amenities like wedding hall rentals, catering, and Palm Springs golf course tournaments to which you can be invited during the year.

Rentals for Special Events

One of the primary perks that comes with being a member of the resort is having access to amenities like event planning services. When you or someone in your family plans on getting married, for example, you might want to rent a venue that is classy, large enough to hold the number of invitees, and readily available to you.

As a member, you can rent one of the ballrooms in the resort building for this special event. As you can find out on the website, it is large enough to hold hundreds of guests. It also comes with everything needed to host an event like a wedding reception or dance. The staff at the resort will set up the tables and decorate the ballroom and then take everything down the next day. These services are included with the cost of your membership.

Another perk is the availability of catering for these kinds of special events. When you plan on hosting a wedding, you do not want to have to worry about hiring a separate caterer. You would prefer to hire one associated with the resort because the caterer will know the layout of the ballroom and also be able to navigate the area easily for setup and take down functions. Catering is also included with the annual price that you pay for being a member of the golf resort.

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