Cheap airline tickets to Trinidad can be easy to find if you are a patient looker and a lenient traveler. If you are looking for a not so crowded, secluded but picturesque vacation island in the Caribbean, you can try the southernmost of the island which is Trinidad.

Trinidad is part of the island tandem Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is reliably young in terms of self-governance. But already has a population of 1,305,000 together with the smaller island Tobago. Trinidad lies a few miles off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad is known for its water tourist attractions which include snorkeling, scuba diving and its swimming pools. There are crash courses for these activities, and there is also time allowance for the actual activities.

When traveling, you can find cheapest fares to Trinidad landing at the Piarco International Airport or commonly known as Port of Spain or POS. If the destination is in Tobago, they have the Crown International Airport. Both operate 7 days a week but Crown International Airport is only open from 5 am up to 12 midnight.

Assuming you will be coming from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), cheap airline tickets to Trinidad are around 215 $ excluding taxes. This is usually on non peak days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During Fridays, there is a slightly higher rate, you can get fares for around 224 $, but Saturdays and Sundays offer the highest airfare rates. This is on an adult with one-way travel. You may also want to choose overnight trips for lower fees. Flights that are around 300 $ sometimes offer the best combination of shorter travel time, less number of stopovers, and time of flights. Afternoon flights tend to charge higher. There are flights that can go over 500 $ depending on the airlines on any day, so choose well.

Certain number of stopovers can also affect the price of the tickets, although this is not a permanent trend. But, the usual inclining is that more number of stopovers means lower price. Usual stopovers from US are to other US state, then directly to the Port of Spain. One up to three stopovers are common within the flights to Trinidad.

The cheapest air tickets can also be obtained by booking flights that require change of airports and slightly longer travel time. Although, not all cheap flights have long duration of travel. The travel time can range from 10 hours up to 28 hours. Just make sure that you bring a guide and that you have enough layover time if you choose to take flights requiring changing of airports. You may also want to bring a book or some thing to pass the layover time.

Cheapest airline tickets to Trinidad could also be booked online. Online booking should be easy enough if you check on which one fits you. Being patient in looking for these tickets and using flight comparison sites will help a lot. When you are a lenient traveler, finding economical tickets will not be such a problem. Just make sure you bring some water and food to get you by the flight, remember that cheaper airfare means no-frills flight, better be ready.


Source by Pete Miguel