What a Mammography Technologist Does

When you look at the number of people about to retire in the healthcare sector, you will understand why there are more opportunities there. Those are some of the factors that make now a good time to get into the healthcare sector. For some of those positions, you have to be extensively trained in, and others that do not. It is best demonstrated by mammography technology. You can get more info about this right here.
A mammography technologist will ensure patients receive their mammogram. Apart from handling the equipment, you also have to reassure the women at a time when they are most afraid and vulnerable. Breast cancer screening is now also applied on men, which means you have more to do. You will thus make sure you take X-rays of breasts for medical examinations, ensure you keep imaging equipment in good condition, record the patient medical history, and answering their questions. You will also have to liaise with the physicians to review results and keep the records.
The role needs you to get yourself an associate’s degree in radiology. The coursework will take in classes in anatomy and physiology, X-ray equipment handling, handling of patients, and other classes. Full-time classes often see you complete the course in two years. You can also get part-time classes if you are at work. You will have to sit a certification exam for you to become a recognized and licensed radiologist. It is followed by 40 hours of supervised training in mammography to become a mammography technologist. You can learn more about the topics covered here.
You then need to perform 25 examinations when guided by a qualified instructor. The examination covers anatomy, patient care, and image evaluation. Once you pass, you will earn your title. You need to think of continuing education in every two years. With the changes in technology and how things are done, you cannot afford to be left behind. You will cover these topics in your classes.
It is a good idea to go further and get a bachelor’s degree in radiologic science. Seeing as you already have an associate’s degree, you need not begin from scratch. You can be done in only two years. Those with the degree can enjoy higher pay, and the chance to take a management or supervisory role.
The current demand means that the payment for such work is desirable. You will get more money when you have the bachelor’s degree. You can also get more by working in clinics and other facilities, apart from the main hospital.
You will find a mammography technologist career to be quite fulfilling. You should get trained well for the role. You can click on this site to learn more about how to manage your training.