Do you know what to look for when it comes to trip travel insurance? There are some things you should look for before deciding if you even need insurance. More importantly, you should want to find the lowest cost insurance. It would be nice to know where to look. This article covers some of the travel insurance rates and perks. Know what to look for before you get paid too much.

1. Look for individual vs. group rates – There are many insurance companies that offer individual rates that are usually the cheapest. However if you need insurance for your whole family and there are more than three of you, then a group rate is definitely for you. individual rates run around $ 30- $ 50 depending on what your necessities are. IE. lost baggage, evacuation, medical, etc … The more things you add on to your package the more expensive your rate / cost will be. It can get higher than $ 50 but most people do not need the extra perks. Group rates run closer to $ 100 and upward. This is great if you have a family of 4 and do not want to get each person an individual rate. Side note: children will be covered under you in many plans.

2. Local Agents vs. Online Travel Agents – There is a big misconception that local agents are cheaper than travel agents. This can be true if you are going on a cruise or have hired a travel agency to take care of everything (including your insurance). Most of the time you can find great deals, print them out, and be set online. This makes it tough for local travel insurance companies to stay afloat. I would recommend if you have a few extra dollars, to go with the local travel agency and support your local business. Make sure they are local and not some front, for simply entering your data online and taking some off the top.

3. You dont need insurance? – I have heard so many times, that travel insurance is a bunch of hogwash and that no one needs it. People say that until they need it, do not have it, and regret it. Travel Insurance is not for everyone and most often you can get by without it. (ESPecially if you are supported by global medical insurance) However, there are times when people should get it. Backpacking through Europe, Hiking Patagonia, scuba diving in Hawaii, are just a few to name, where travel insurance is a smart idea, in case something happens to you or your family.

4. Travel Insurance Cost – The cost of insurance rates varies. It depends on many factors that you can control. There are business plans, family plans, corporate perks, 4 individual plans, 4 business plans, etc … It is a good idea, to get a quote from multiple agents, and weigh your options when it comes to traveling and whether or not you need it. The best time to find travel insurance, is in the winter, when less people travel, as the cost seems to fluctuate in the summer months. Keep your eyes peeeled for future deals, recurring promotions, and more. It can be a good idea, but it becomes a bad idea, when you pay too much and are not prepared before you travel


Source by Brooke Abel