Where do you dream of traveling? Is it Paris with its endless romance? What about New York City with romantic energy that keeps you going all night? Or maybe you'd like a quiet cottage on the northern California coast, high on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Whatever your passion is, when you travel you can find at least a piece of romance that will make you sigh.

When I was in my twenties I was fortunately to marry a man who was occasionally able to be romantic. I say this because I have met many men who have not got a clue. But Joe (not his real name) was romantic without coercing it. Oh, he did not do all those schmaltzy things you see on TV or in the movies. But who can deny that getting married in the Valley Chapel in Yosemite Valley is anything but hopelessly romantic? This was totally his idea as I was not even aware that the chapel inserted. So, we traveled to Yosemite and stayed at a beautiful rustic B & B just outside the park with our best friends, Sue and Tom (not their real names either). After the late afternoon wedding, the four of us had dinner in the grand Ahwahnee Hotel. It was an amazing event, private, intimate and very romantic. We all sent love into the air many times.

Yosemite became our romantic getaway and we visited the park often, usually off-season. We expanded our trips to the surrounding mountain areas then got an off-road vehicle that took us to very remote locations. I will skip the details, but the romance got pretty hot on more than one occasion. But the views were breathtaking and we sighed many times.

You do not have to travel to far-off countries to enjoy a romantic sigh-inducing trip. A drive to the beach to watch the sunset will set your hearts on fire. You can snuggle together in a blanket on the sand or go early and walk to the end of the pier. Every sigh puts love in the air and you certainly must see when that last glimpse of sun dips below the horizon.

But, when you do take those long excursion, take the time to relax and enjoy the ambience. Breathe deeply in the rose gardens, or dip your hand in the fountains and playfully splash your mate. Hold hands while walking together and kiss gently whenever you feel like it. Your love will deepen, your passion will be enhanced and you will cause people around you to sight just watching you. Remember, every sigh puts love in the air.

My hope is that every person on the planet sighs love often. Even if you are alone, enhance your world with sighs of love as you watch your roses bloom or the leaves turn vibrant colors in the autumn. If every breath exhaled was a sigh of love the world would have to be a better place.


Source by Peggy Somers