Puerto Rico that is officially known as commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an autonomously controlled body of the United States of America located in the northeast Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is an archipelago Consistent of main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands and Keys.

The island is rich in a number of beautiful locations around it. Its central mountain range goes as high as 1,338 meter at Cerro de Punta and it is the only tropical rainforest in the United States. El Yunque in Puerto Rico is quite popular for its beaches, turquoise waters and soft yellow sand. It is a great tourist center and a number of cultures get merges here and nightlife here is exceptional beyond the expectation of a person to enjoy it.

Now in order to visit the island of Puerto Rico either you can reach there either on your own public transport that can be sometimes become cumbersome as against the traffic jams and stops where it would drop you. To get car on rent you can hire service of a car rental agency which may provide an affordable car rental service on a very reasonable price and rate. There are many methods to get a convenient car rental to be booked for a tour in Puerto Rico. You can get it booked it either from a next door car rental agency or do it online where you will get a plethora of car renting ideas even with many discounted offers.

It is now your turn to pick up the model of the car that you will use while traveling Puerto Rico. You can have car in economy, sub economy or in budget range. If you wish your tour to be great full of fun and frolic you in the category of car models can choose convertible cars which are great fun to be enjoyed. A convertible car is known as one that can be folded or removed; Some popular convertible cars are Mini Cooper, BMW 330ci, BMW Z4, Audi and Quattro. These cars are great as for the travelers who love enjoy sunlight, rain or snow fall.

You can have these convertible cars on rent from a number of car rental agencies in America which also ensures the safety of travelers. It is better to book the convertible car quite well in advance to avoid instant botheration at the time of picking car at the rental agency. Any person above the age of 25 years with a valid driving license can have a car on rent. A person above the age of 30 years can have driving license for the convertible models of the cars such as Bentley, Lamborghini Viper and Ferrari. Car rental services as in Puerto Rico for convertible cars deliver services straight to all the important centers in the city. As payment for burning convertible cars can be paid through credit card, debit card, checks, cash and traveler's check. Traveling in convertible cars is a great fun.


Source by Mansi Aggarwal