Advantages of Limestone Driveway Pavements. A beautiful home partially depends on the driveway pavement. To have a good pavement you should ensure that it is made of high-quality materials. A good pavement is usually determined by its durability, level of maintenance, and ease of repair. The pavement should also be tolerant to the prevailing weather conditions. Limestone driveway pavements are known to be durable, tolerant to weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance. Limestone possess other qualities such a natural ambiance and strength that makes it preferred for pavement making. The article assesses some of the benefits you will enjoy by constructing your pavement using limestone. The cost of construction of driveway pavement using limestone is usually low as compared to other materials such as asphalt. Limestone occurs naturally in the ocean bed and crust accounting for its low price. Therefore, limestone is preferred for use in case you are planning to make a large driveway that might be costly. Limestone being cheap does not mean that your pavement will look cheap as it will instead make a beautiful colorful pavement. A good pavement should be made of a material that lasts for long. Pavements made of limestone usually have a long lifespan because of its ability to tolerate different weather conditions. A long lasting pavement will eliminate the need of frequent replacement which is usually costly. The durability of limestone results from the fact that it is a heavy duty stone. Therefore, a pavement made of limestone lasts longer.
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To improve the beauty of your home the pavement should be made of blending colors. Limestone comes in a wide range of colors that will meet the colors of different homes. Limestone can also be modified into unique colors that are not found naturally. The good pavement should also be easy to repair. Repairing of limestone pavements is as easy as just replacing the broken limestone. The ease of replacement is also improved by the fact that they can be modified into different shapes and sizes.
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The use of limestone applies to all driveway pavements from commercial to residential homes. There are a variety of limestone that you can choose depending on your desired textures, colors, and surface treatments. to achieve a particular texture, limestone pavers are usually subjected to a process known as thermalling. Limestone is usually cut into sizes that fit in different pavements comfortably. Therefore, limestone will give your driveway pavement an elegant, durable, and modern looking pavement at the entrance of your home or office compound.