Packaging your products and services will allow you to sell a lot more, increase average transaction value, and leave your customers satisfied knowing that they got better value for money.

Companies will package their products in a number of different ways. Let's take a look at a few examples:
1. A dog training company that offers to extend your training program by ten days for the price of five.
2. Fast-food restaurant meal deals. Buy a Big Mac, get fries and a coke for an extra dollar-thirty. (If you had bought separately, you'd be looking at a two-dollar expense increase.
3. Holiday packages that are all-inclusive, offering you massive savings and a lot of headaches, eliminating planning and preparation time. You may get meals, airfares, tours and transport cards and food and, of course, hotel or resort stay.
4. Time-specific prices. A restaurant may offer cheaper deals before 6PM to encourage more people to eat during less-crowded times.

Packaging is important because it creates customer value, and is actually an instant sales bump that is landed on by the customer. It's great for starting to move the lower-traffic products and services by attaching them to the popular ones at special prices. Similarly, you could package brand new products at discount rates, enabling you to get a lot out there without advertising or marketing by other methods.

It will be useful to gather customer opinion after the point of use to help improve the product before pushing it on a larger scale.

A good packaging deal removals hassle and gives the customer choice, ideally eliminating any potential issues the customer may have before they arise.


Source by Bernadette Stevens