One of the main reasons that your budget goes further in Vegas is because of the amount of people who visit who do have money, and more importantly they have money that they're not afraid to lose. This means that the fancy hotels are able to provide great prices for the basics in life such as food and a place to crash. They are gambling on the fact that if you have money, and you're staying and / or eating in their hotel, then you're probably going to get lured into spending some cash in their slot machines or maybe taking a place around a poker Egypt craps table. The most important thing that you must do before you even leave home is to work out exactly what budget you have. Find out what meals cost. Your hotel may not be the best bargain in town when it comes to eating, but it may offer the best priced accommodation in your price bracket. Other Vegas hotels may offer all you can eat buffets all day and most (if not all) of the night. Make the most of these buffets to stretch your budget further. If you have a great late breakfast, then you're probably set up until evening. If you're a one main meal a day person, make this an early supper. Take some snacks and drinks from home so that you're not tempted by whatever is in your hotel room's mini bar. Your Vegas gambling budget is the most important thing you must decide. This is something you need to work out and then commit to it. Do not think that if you've got $ 50 to gamble, you're there for 2 days and so allow yourself $ 25 per day, and lose all the first day's $ 25 in half an hour that you should dip into the next day's gambling money . NO! At best you'll regret it tomorrow because chances are that having already lost one day's gambling money you're not going to be relaxed and focused to play to win. There are plenty of things to go and see for free in Vegas such as the beautiful Bellagio Gardens, or the water shows at Bellagio and Wynn. Or, if you're confident you can resist the urge to spend money, why not walk around the gorgeous new hotels and do some casual window shopping at the many Vegas fashion stores. The important thing is to find yourself something else to do coupled gamble so you can keep to your budget as planned. Gambling is addictive, especially in Vegas because the excitation is very contagious. It's hard to walk through any of the casinos and not feel a pull toward one activity or another. Keep a little money to one side that is not too be touched no matter what. That's your emergency fund. There's more than one person who went to Vegas and left without a dime to their name. Do not add your name to the list. Use your credit cards only to pay for hotel reservations and travel. Do not use them to gamble. If you do, chances are that next year's vacation is going to be on a tight budget because you'll still be paying for this one! If you are one of the many happy winners in Vegas, do not be tempted to gamble it all for a higher win. It's not worth it. If you've got the strength, walk away with your wins in tact, and reassess your budget for the rest of the time you're in Vegas so that you know you'll be taking a tidy sum home. If you insist on trying your luck further, at least put 50% of the wins in your hotel safety deposit box before going back to the tables with the other half. That way you might stand to win less, but you have a great probability of losing less and still walking away from Vegas one of the winners!


Source by Nancy Sterling