With the economy in a shambles and jobs disappearing you might think people are cutting back on luxury. To some extent this is true, but the consumer is more entrepreneuring than that. As it turns out, the demand for entertainment is still high and people are looking for cheap tickets more than ever. What kind of cheap tickets are we talking about? The kind of cheap tickets that can get you into the new Yankee Stadium on opening day for under face value.

The kind of cheap tickets that allow you to get cheap flights across country. Some for as low as $ 50 one way. Sites such as Travelocity and Hotwire are more popular than ever, but the undisputed king of the marketplace is still eBay. Where else can a few clicks take you from U2 concert tickets to a replica of that old vase you upset your grandmother by breaking. Some are under the misconception that cheap tickets can not be found on an auction site.

In reality the opposite is true; cheap tickets can be found anywhere the consumer is allowed to control the market. Auctions do not have to mean premium cost, in fact auctions many times can come in under face value. Every day millions of people hop on eBay and find exactly what they are looking for many times to their surprise. I know there have been a few things from my childhood I have searched for and have shockingly found within a few clicks. So if you are looking for those last minute Yanks tickets or just looking for a deal you can not find anywhere else, your first stop still needs to be eBay.


Source by Todd Bennett