Many of us may be getting ready to go on a travel vacation, within the next few months. This maybe on a vacation to visit relatives for Thanksgiving or possibly over Winter Break. Many of us may even already be looking at taking a vacation during Spring Break and planning accordingly. Let’s that you have never purchased any plane tickets online, you have always relied on a toll free number or someone else did the purchasing for you, and now it is your turn to do the purchases. Well, first off it is always important to decide on accommodations before you purchase a plane ticket, but many people would disagree with this idea. You can always cancel lodging, but it is much more difficult to cancel an airline ticket. Let’s say that you are just planning on finding a place to stay when you get down to your destination.

If you are only planning on finding a place, when you get down to your destination then it would make it much easier to get cheaper plane tickets. Let’s say for example that you have dates picked out for your vacation, if you are planning on getting accommodations when you get down there, you could very easily go down there a few days earlier or later and come back the same way. This is a new option that is easily accessible by many of the online airline retailers. They allow you to check a box after you put in your dates, that usually says something like “It’s okay to look for fairs a few days before and/or after the dates that you selected.

Another good option, if you live close to multiple airports, is to check the box that says something like “compare surrounding airports.” By clicking these two options you have given yourself many more opportunities and this will allow you to find a cheaper flight. It is always best to search multiple online airfare retailers, some good ones that come to mind are: Priceline, Orbitz, and Travelocity. It is always best to go to all three of these places and try and find the cheapest airfare. Also, once you have decided on dates, you might be able to find a cheaper fare on the exact airlines website. So, if you find a good deal on Priceline for Southwest airlines, it is worth a shot to go to Southwest airlines website and see if you can find an even better deal.


Source by Andrew John Thompson